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Purines - what to do about them?

Hi everyone. It's been an age since I posted on HU (used to post on C25K) but here goes.

I was a graduate of C25K in March. The improvement in my well being was tremendous and the effect the running had on my T2D excellent. Not only had my blood sugars become level and better controlled, for the first time in my life I sometimes felt full after eating. Occasionally I simply did not want to eat. Amazing or what? I LOVED it!

Then I had to stop running due to a partially ruptured tendon. I now have to wear a support boot to protect my ankle. No running, weight increasing etc. Last month I started the 5:2 eating WOL to control weight. (I'm not very good at it yet.)

Have problems with back ache and blood tests showed higher uric acid levels. GP advises eating a low Purine diet.

Problem is that so many of the foods I had thought were good for me on low GL diet now are not. Meat, fish, B vitamins, greens. I have downloaded a list of foods to avoid and looking at it I realise that a lot of what I've been doing recently has probably been aggravating my joints.

Does anyone else have experience of a healthy diet without these important food groups? (I was doing low GL after reading Patrick Holford's 'Say NO to Diabetes') I know it is not possible to reverse the diabetes but I do want to improve it.

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Bigleg you are a star! Thank you for sending the link, it has cheered me up no end. This morning I got up early (I hated the alarm but dragged myself up) to go for my weekly aqua aerobics class. OH has to drive me at the moment. We had to battle through heavy traffic because of snow and ice. He dropped me off, drove back home, I went in and the class was not running. DOH! His mobile was switched off so I hobbled round to the bus stop and luckily there was a bus in (they only run 2 hourly). So - I've got back, feeling jolly cold and fed up because I've no idea what to do with my eating. Had cottage cheese on a slice of pumpernickel

Thank you so much, I realise it's only me who can 'fix' me and will give this a try. :) :) :)


Hey! Where's my Graduate badge gone? Does it no longer apply when you're crocked?


Hi Beek - Can i suggest that if you can afford it that you seek out a well qualified local nutritionist (note not dietician). Personally I think that he/she is better qualified to work out what food groups you could/should be eating for your specific health concerns. You will have far longer with that person than your GP and they will be able to work with you and probably 'prescribe' supplementation. Good luck!


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