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Fitness without exercise

I am a 64 year old trying really hard to lose weight and feel healthy through diet, I have RA and find exercise difficult. I have joined slimming world but find it quite confusing but will stick with it but would love some healthy eating options for one, everything is aimed at couples or families and not overly keen on freezing, as I forget it's there!

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Thank you so much for this website, I have printed some of the advice which looks great. Fabulous find = well recommend. Thanks again!


The dietdoctor link in the first response is very interesting. I googled LCHF diet and found lots and lots of websites with responses from readers who have had wonderful results from eating this way. Looks like anyone with RA, allergies, digestive problems, etc would do well to switch to this way of eating. Always better to go after the cause of the pain, I'd think. I plan to forward some of this to my sister with RA.


No prepared foods and white foods - bread, rice, potatoes and noodles. Lots of fruit and veggies. Basically, cut the carbs! If you do research on the arthritic dieting, it will tell you the same thing too so it is a win/win situation! Good Luck, it is a life change!

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Thanks, have already cut out white bread and working on low GI style diet but still having difficulty losing the pounds!


if you feel strained lighten-up some. There is no sense in ripping muscles if you are older and you can still achieve tone and burn ,calories and increase strength a little. You lived your no need to rip and tear. Look more at exercises AND STRONG DEEP REGULAR BREATHING and enjoy ;-) johnbarbanvenusfactoreview....


Thank you very much. Have ordered a couple of diet books and going to try gentle exercise, walking perhaps(bit boring on own but willing to give it a go) when I get over this rotten cough and cold


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