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Healthy Eating
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Healthy Living Book Reviews

I honestly find it difficult to find quick fixes to adopt into our lifestyle as I'm just too busy with work and family commitments.

I've read books and they mainly try to persuade you into fully altering your lifestyle to make a difference, this requires a lot of time and a drastic change in my lifestyle.

Do you guys find anything that is lacking in health books?

Would love any input that you guys have. Thanks!

To healthy living,

Shaun Michael

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My very best tip to anyone is. 'NO BREAD'

Not carbs just. My grandsons lost 2.5st effortless me 1.5st a lady I play badminton with 2.2 ish

And lots of other people I know

I put it down to nasty addictive and yeast

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Hey Ronzy,

Appreciate the reply.

Are we talking about just white breads? Or all types of breads, including wholemeal.

That's pretty impressive weight loss from just eliminating bread.

How much did you personally consume on a daily basis?


Hi champak, have you tried searching on forums? It's so tedious as there's so much threads to filter out. For most blogs, there are normally minimal to no references cited, so you won't know if they are advocating lifestyles based on facts or presumptions.

Yes I do eventually plan on creating a book, when I've got the time, for people like myself who are very busy and want to get healthier.

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I will send you a message tonight, shaunmike. It's okay. Please check your PMs in a few minutes.


Having studied nutrition, I know that what we need to stay healthy is balance. A wide range of different food types. We need Protein, Minerals, Vitamins, Carbohydrates and Fats in varying amounts according to our individual needs - and we are not all the same - remember that.

Think natural as much as possible; imagine a human living in the wild; you would pick fruit and berries, chew roots and leaves, eat animals and fish that you caught...that is how nature intended us to live.

Avoid eating too much highly processed foods like cake, biscuits, crisps, rich sauces, sweets and desserts....or too much of any one food group, and you can't go far wrong. However, a little treat occasionally won't hurt; it is as I said, all about balance.


Hi Shaun Michael,

I don't think healthy eating necessary requires a lifestyle change or takes more time than not eating heathly - it just requires a certain amount of commitment.

Most people in the industrial countries know by now what foods they shouldn't be eating (fizzy drinks, burgers and chips etc), and what they should be eating instead (fresh, unrefined, unprocessed foods), so there's no great secret or mystery here to be revealed.

What the books and online resources including this one can do is provide inspiration and motivation.

So if you want a couple of quick change suggestions:

Cut out all sugared and fizzy drinks and substitute with water.

Start every meal with a vegetable.


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