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Wild garlic, fitness and foraging...🚲

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Hi everyone,

Since Zest started the HE and Exercise topic I going to try and contribute my stats as its interesting to see how they fluctuate.

So here's where I went today and I cycled 31.33Km, active calories 551 and total cal's 721 my average heart rate was 106bpm ranging from 65 to 135 bpm my weight is 135lbs body fat 14.7% and BMI 19.5

And whilst I was out I picked some wild garlic as we can chose how and where we get our exercise and just because I live near the city centre I can get out of Bristol and hit the dirt tracks. I like how cycling makes me feel when I'm places like this.

But it took a little while for my leg muscles to get used to cycling but now it's gone from being a pledge to living it and I feel the same with eating healthily. Because combined they help with 'our' sense of well being as we can relax naturally after exercise, sleep better and think better so my advice is stop thinking about it and do it. As how much is a healthy mind and healthy thinking worth? Because to me its priceless and its there and for the taking...

And enjoy your day everyone. 😊

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Hi Hidden

What a beautiful area to cycle in - and your stats are impressive. I think it's great that you cycle regularly and enjoy it too.

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest, life is what we make it. 😊

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Every Impressive state Jerry and great advice. Do you have a Fitbit Jerry? I was thinking of getting one but read some reports that put me off

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Thanks deb's, I have some FitBit scales for my weight BMI and body fat and an Apple watch, the watch I bought off my son because he wanted a Fitbit one instead. I think its great having access to this info about ourselves and I'm surprised how far I walk sometimes. 😊

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Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to

Yes it can certainly mount up πŸ™‚

it would go down a treat with it happycook but you're spoilt for choice anyway... 😊

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Very good. I love the photograph of where you were and I bet the garlic smell was amazing. I can imagine being in that peaceful environment must be good for your mind and soul. Do you try and cycle a few times a week?.Btw I’ve just got back from a few days in France and being Vegan was a nightmare! Anyway back home now for some healthier home cooking.

Hi Ali, thanks I really like this path I took it by mistake and was pleased. I try to cycle around 5 times a week and usually do 20 miles/30Km. I take a thermos and have a cuppa and watch nature and today I saw a small woodpecker, so it is very agreeable.

I expect you made the most of being in France but its a shame as their cuisine is very meaty...And there's no where like home. 😊

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Is that the Bristol-Bath cycle path?

Good work and well done keeping your heart rate down so low.

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Hi Rignold, its a bridle way near Pucklechurch around 5 miles north of the Bristol to Bath cycle path and it's much quieter along here. 😊

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RignoldKeto in reply to

looks lovely

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