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I want to recommend EMDR and Prazosin for PTSD

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They both work pretty good! ESPECIALLY EMDR, it even helped me with my fear of heights and now I can ride roller coasters! Prazosin is an RX for flashbacks.

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Hi. Really glad to read your post. I have recently completed EMDR and it has been life-changing for me. Such a strange but powerful experience. Before EMDR I would never have believed how radically things could change.It's great to connect with another person who has benefitted from this therapy.

Sending my very best wishes. 😎

Why thank you Marnie22! Glad EMDR has helped you, its pretty powerful. I hope you will continue getting it.

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Marnie22Volunteer in reply to LonelyHeart22

Thank you. I won't be able to get any more, but I feel very fortunate and grateful for what I have already had. 🌼

Oh Im sorry to hear that, well maybe later on down the road if your situation changes. I have this theory (its just a theory of mine) of DIY EMDR: Find two spots apart on the ceiling, rapidly move your eyes back and forth while thinking about the intrusive thought, not too fast though. Hey never hurts to try.

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Marnie22Volunteer in reply to LonelyHeart22

Actually, that sounds good. My psychologist showed me how to do a version on yourself - but I can't fully remember it now, (I have memory problems from a brain injury, ) so I must check that out again. 😊

I have memory problems from a brain injury as well. Find a metronome on ebay or somewhere and you can use that too. (It's what they used for hypnosis in the movie Insidious.)

You may also look this up how to do this online: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

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Thank you for sharing what has helped you, LonelyHeart22. I have heard great things about EMDR.

You're welcome, hope it helps others!

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hi Lonely Heart....can you do the EMDR online? also, when you are feeling really ill from ptsd ? I feel like I am very ill in the brain..thank you for sharing this...<3

Im not sure if you can do it online, but I think you can, I don't see why not. You are basically just watching the therapist move her fingers and listening to her speak instructions on what to think about. And yes, especially if you are feeling really bad. I hope you can find a place that does it online. Ask around, Best wishes to you!

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peacefulandcalmEncourager in reply to LonelyHeart22

thank you Lonely Heart...I feel that too, what it says in your title...thank you for sharing this....I am looking for one who can do it online for now since I kind of have to do it that way for now, I hope it can work...

I tried what I read you wrote above--- on a short walk, just look back and forth,

it is tough that way , I don't know why...thank you...how come no emdr people are emailing me back right now!? did it calm down your terror? thank you so much...<3

Yes, it did. My first memory was being held over the ocean from a high pier, right after a storm, and the waves were very violent...I remember white water crashing against humongous rocks..... I was only about 2 or 3. It was my stepdad. I started wriggling as my mom screamed, "Put her down!" He was laughing. I've been afraid of heights ever since. They think that since it was so terrifying, remembered it. Yes, it will help your terror and your trauma. She (the therapist) had me go back to that moment and every time, My arms and legs writhed and wriggled. She had me go back until they didn't. She also had me imagine what I would've needed to feel safe. I imagined a bunch of people below with a trampoline, a rope with a wooden platform and a helicopter. I hope this has given you some insight into how EMDR works! I was skeptical until I tried it...and it amazed me! It is worth trying to see if it works for you!

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peacefulandcalmEncourager in reply to LonelyHeart22

thank you, so so good it worked for you, that is awesome...

with it just waving two fingers back and forth by therapist who was trained in emdr and trauma for you? I am having trouble finding, connecting with, and between triggers, keeping appts last summer. I don't know how to tell if I can do it, if I am ready? thank you for your post, that was kind of you to share the positive experience ....<3

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Lindyloo53Volunteer in reply to peacefulandcalm

Hi P&C, personally in the beginning I would want a therapist to guide me on my emdr journey p, this because once you start to target a memory your mind wanders all over the place, into other memories etc and it’s important to finish the sequence and that particular memory. Also as I know from what you have said you are prone to dissociation it’s important the therapist ensures you are fully grounded before you leave for your own safety. So I would caution against doing online emdr on your own.

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peacefulandcalmEncourager in reply to Lindyloo53

hi Lindyloo...ok thank you...how about with a trained trauma emdr therapist online? That is what is available right now here....not too many going in and I feel sick to go in too...do you think that would be good?

HiI am in EMDR and it has been transformative for me. In my experience the therapist is able to “bring me back” from the edge of trauma flashbacks, so I would not feel confident to do it on my own at the beginning but as I have more sessions I can better do that. 🌼

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peacefulandcalmEncourager in reply to LouBL0u

thank you so much LouBL0u....that is very helpful to know, I appreciate it a lot...xx

Yes, that's all it was! (With instructions on what to think about (your experiences) during each set of finger movements. There is no need to worry about being ready or not, as it only helps reduce triggers, and not intensify them!

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peacefulandcalmEncourager in reply to LonelyHeart22

really? thank you for telling me that....may I pm you later to ask you about

your experience a bit? thank you so much for post...<3

Yes of course!

Hello, i also found that EMDR really helped me! I thought that i would never be able to talk about or work through my trauma because even thinking about it put me in a state of panic. But after going through EMDR it felt a lot easier to talk about.

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