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i am after some advise really. My work have referred me to occupational health and I've been requested to see a doctor. (I wrote a letter stating I would see or speak to occ health but I do not give my permission for my medical records to be accessed - I don't want to shout what hospital investigations I've had etc as it's knocked my dignity)

Has anyone seen an occupational health doctor ? What happens on the day of assessment? I'm so scared I might loose my job and it's the only thing keeping me on track :/ 

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I was referred to occ health in my job in New Zealand.  Every country is different but the Drs role was to do a medical via questions really as it was PTSD I was off with.  Not just based on this Drs report but I was retired medically unfit last year.  I have a personal grievance in with my then employer but it's a long slow process.  I'm asking for full salary until retirement age.  Will I get all that rim asking for-probably not.I have Since then joined a lot of groups, you have to do that to have purpose in your life.  I'm not missing working, it's allowing me to take care of my physical illnesses and pace myself better.


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