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fear of doctors

Hard for me to admit this, but I have a huge fear of seeing the doctor. I have had an ongoing illness for over 20 years, and went to see the doctor years ago and I never went back because the tests he wanted to do was too invasive - it freaked me - the thought of it traumatized me. It actually is a daily obsession of having it done.

I am now seeing an alternative practicioner to approach the condition from another way. The funny thing is whenever I have faith in the alternative practicioner and not think about the western doctor - the condition improves - but then a part of me shames me for never going back to the western doctor - basically calling myself a failure for not having courage. It's been a vicious circle for over 20 years with this issue.

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Preaching to the choir on this one, Jamie. I've had issues around doctors for years. I've heard it called "white coat syndrome," and I've had it since I was a kid.

Here's a post I wrote about my experience:


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similar story about youth experiences - but not up to sharing right now about them. I actually learned to overcome them and then as an adult went backwards. There's a lot too it. I'll reply some more when I can.


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I hear you Jamie. I suspect a lot of us had doctor experiences as a kid that were pretty scary.



A different perspective - An example of contrast:

In Africa, you'd not be giving yourself such a hard time...

In the country where I visited, more than half of the population rely only on traditional medicinal healers. To them, the western style medicine is something to be suspicious of and fear. It takes a great deal of attitude changing for Non-government agencies [for example] to engender, when they expect the local population to adopt western medicine practices.

I kind of see the extreme polar opposites in how each play out also on the human pysche, having studied this a bit in university. It's the difference between being person-centred or not; that means western medicine has long been facing an increasing challenge of actually 'connecting' to the person and how they are feeling. #the human factor!

It's a bit of a generalisation this argument, yet still has some merits I think ;-)

Glad to hear you're finding healing with one kind of practitioner.

Best wishes.


Thanks for your insight Catsm. It was a comfort to hear you. In my case, the cure has been worse the disease and thus I still have the disease.


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