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hI EVERY ONE so i am at present dealing with adrenal fatigue i keep finding that i get quite light headed and dizzy spells due to low blood pressure ive been taking supplements recommended for Adrenal Fatuigue and trying to adjust lifestyle i read on a TRE trauma release exercise page from David Bocelli that it can signal to the brain in a major way that its ok to relax i would very much like to feel relaxed in my own body just that alone would be worth it ..........

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I had very bad adrenal fatigue before finding out I had c-ptsd. I saw a natural therapy kind of doctor and he gave me adrenal supplements including a product called Natural Calm, a powdered drink that helps with anxiety by giving you very absorbable magnesium, which did help a lot.

I also became addicted to eating cardamom seeds. In case you are not familiar with them, they are a small, very aromatic seed pod used a lot in Indian cooking. I had some and started munching them one day and could not stop. Soon, I was eating half a cup of them a day and went into a panic if I started to run out. Everyone around me just thought it was more of the crazies.

Finally, I looked up the nutritional content of cardamom seeds, and they turn out to be a very good source of manganese (NOT magnesium. Manganese is another mineral which we usually need in smallish amounts.) THEN, I discover that the adrenal glands are the biggest user of manganese in the body, and every adrenal cell needs it.

After about a year of this weird dietary habit, my craving for cardamom went away. Now I just eat one from time to time as a breath freshener. But I would suggest to any one with adrenal problems that they look into manganese supplements of some kind.

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thank you ! thats really helpful...........found that very interesting


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