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I am preparing an application to submit by March 18th for a month long non-fiction writing program that takes place this summer. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to critique the cover letter (3 pages) and draft (12 pages) I have started to create for this application? Not sure how we would do that but open to suggestions. If you are willing and have any suggestions about how to connect, I would be in your debt.

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  • maggy...when do you need to have it critiqued by ?

  • Probably by next weekend, Billiesue, if I am to integrate any feedback and submit it by the March 18th deadline.

  • i would be willing to critique the cover letter..that is all i would have time for

  • How can I get it to you? Is there a document attachment feature here?

  • maggie...it would be okay if you messaged me privately...that being said...i don't know how to do it...maybe you can add an attachment there ?

  • looks like you go to message and then compose

  • maggymax,

    Sounds like billisue has taken care of the cover letter. I can review the draft itself. I'm thinking just copy and paste it into a message and I can look at it there. I know it will be a long message, but I suspect it will work. I read fast and have some time right now, so I can get my impressions back to you in a couple of days. :)

    I have no problem sending you my email in a PM, but if you'd rather keep yours private, this might be our best way to connect. I don't believe you can add an attachment to a PM.

  • Oh, and congratulations on taking this big and bold step to explore and develop your creativity! :)

  • Thanks, Dan! And I think it all started here. When people weren't put off and hateful about the first overview I wrote of my trauma history, it emboldened me. :-)

  • That is so cool! I'm glad this forum had that benefit for you! :) Way to be emboldened.

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