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Stepping Out

I have not worked since 2009 - I have dared to take a volunteer job in the field that I enjoy as receptionist at a new hospice facility in the south end of my city. It felt so good to be behind a desk and making a contribution to my community. I do face some hurdles as I am responsible for 16 lines/extensions and have no experience at doing so, but the environment is supportive and so I am hopeful that I can learn shift to shift which are only three hours from noon - 3 p.m.

Another good reason for stepping out is that there has to be more to my life than struggling with PTSD, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromaygia, there just has to be. It takes me two buses and a short jaunt across a field, but I felt good doing it, though I am sure I did too much walking on a broken toe. I left at 8:30 a.m.

It was the repeated message within this community that repeatedly kept telling me that I CAN RECOVER that I have chosen to believe that and to choose decisions that line up with that new belief.

I am very sore and achy this morning, but it is well deserved so I am choosing not to grumble about it. I had to share this step in my recovery with you because each of you who respond to posts with your own experiences have encouraged me to believe that life can improve. I know that recovery is slow and that I will probably experience setbacks and bad days, but I choose not to be anxious about those possibilities until they actually happen.

From the depth of my being, I want to thank each of you for being strong enough to be vulnerable in this community about your own journeys so I could learn to be strong in and through my own.

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Well done that sounds to me like an epic journey to work. You have my total respect and admiration. I don't leave my house without hubby and the dogs. Again well done. :)


Great step forward, and I too believe that we can heal and that there is much more than struggling.

Thank you for posting this...

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Reading posts here helped me also.. I am really happy for you and wish you all the best!


Well done.


Oh, I'm so glad for your BIG step forward! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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