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Dare to Dream

wondering after reading poems that others have written - mine are of things that bring me joy - if sad before the ending will bring it to happy somehow. My thoughts are positive because my childhood was bright & pleasant & I never longed for love for it was present - I comprehend sad poetry - but it's not for me soul felt. For I can NOT relate in feelings but only in thought. Does that make sense? If th love is present @ the core - ones core being - it's the foundation that other things are built on & the negative even when present does always penetrate? My father did Not have an idealic childhood yet he definitely had the capacity to love - I read a letter from when he was in the service & he wanted what he saw in the movie the troops had watched that night. The white picket fence - children to love & care for - & he wanted them with the women he hoped to marry - my mother. He was asking her to help him create this life for them. So I know one can fill that void with a dream of better tomorrows and accomplish this for they did recreate the movie that tied his dreams to better tomorrows & even when meet with set backs kept the dream @ the center of what he wanted most in life - LOVE. He succeeded for we all loved him & miss him & his lovely wife. Dare to dream for dreams can come true.

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Poems can be positive too! I write poems that involve my emotional state at the time. I do have some good memories from childhood but the bad memories come before them if that makes sense.

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