Panic and a movie

So the normal thing used to be was for me to have popcorn and a movie. Yesterday I had a panic attack while on my way to the movies. I had two events this week that triggered the memories of the trauma. Those moments were so intense..... So I tried going to the movie to enjoy but really couldn't because of the after shocks of the panic attack..... I'm just now recovering so I guess I better journal and face the triggers.....

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  • I'm sorry that happened to you. Sounds like you are just triggered this week. Give yourself props for going to the movie that was a good move. Panic attacks suck but they are a normal response to stress. I have them also. I have been trying to be more accepting of them. When you do that they hold less power over you.

  • Great to see you here again PoeticOvercomer! Good for you to recognize the panic attack, and decide the movie just wasn't where you needed to be. Even better that you know what triggered it, and are dealing with that. Great work! :)

  • I'm very sorry to hear that big hugs

  • Thanks Dan and Christy!

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