Feeling overwhelmed as I type. I wasn't feeling good this morning. I tend to get anxious before going grocery shopping. I don't like crowds. I went anyway. Right now I feel overwhelmed. I tried being jovial but that's not the truth. My truth is, I need to take time for me. I need to take time for healing. There are moments when spurts of energy come and I am feeling great, then there are moments like these. OVERWHELMED.

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  • Sucks to be overwhelmed, but great that you can own where you are so honestly! I make the grocery store a short trip - really makes me anxious as well.

  • Thanks Dan H! Your comment helps. It's been that kind of day!

  • You're welcome, Poetic. Yup, I understand those kind of days.

  • What I've noticed from analyzing my own behaviour about the grocery store is that it is only when life itself has thrown extra 'stress' at me that I get anxious about it. My whole life kind of freezes when I'm stressed. And I rarely leave the house when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I've also learnt that stress interferes with concentration and focus. Money is also a huge issue for me. I'm scared to spend it in case I muck up and overspend. I agree with you when you say that you need to take time for you - that's absolutely right. Feeling 4 U. One thing I know, it always passes like the flu.

  • Money is an issue for me too, Molly. I have enough to get the bills paid but darn that food habit.

  • I had a real problem with grocery stores too. It is a sensory overload, so I try to go during the week instead of on the weekends when it is real busy. I can tell you that it has gotten easier to go over the years for me.

  • You and I must have been on the same wavelength. I also had to go grocery shopping that day. I had prepared myself to go but I was just too freaked out. I was down to one can of tuna and I ate that, so I forced myself to go the next day.

    It takes a lot of mental preparation for me to go out. And even then, I often freeze up and don't go. For a few years I ordered my groceries online and had them delivered. If that's available in your area you might try that. Of course it's better to get yourself out of the house. But sometimes it's just too traumatic.

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