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news sah press council benefits home

news sah press council benefits home

i sent this today to my local paper

To the letters editor

The Herne bay times

Dear Sir

this is one letter i had hoped i wouldn’t have to write but the perfect storm of a brain hemmoraghe the inability to work but not will a far too trusting nature the dishonesty of others and an unsympathetic council and state owned bank i will within the next few months be leaving Herne bay because my house is being repossessed in 2007 i suffered a rain hemmoraghe which after a moderately successful business career left me disabled and un employable despite many attempts even unpaid to work i haven’t been able to secure any form of employment

my house has been in arrears for some time i was subject of a court action last year to defend a repossession writ which i successfully defended although delayed with a plan that involved taking in a lodger to make the monthly payments my mortgage company a subsidiary of state owned Halifax bank of Scotland the mortgage business

It is demanding i send them £4800 by 28 feb after trusting my first 4 tenants and various individuals in town my tenants left without notice nor paying any rent a total owing of over £2500 a council whose intransigence was well documented in your article


which still hasn’t been resolved

i was delighted to receive an anonymous gift but it turned out to be a fraud convincing but a dud

i have recently taken in a tenant who i trust but although he has paid me some rent it is paid from his benefits the

council appearing on numerous occasions to lose his documentation etc etc the fact being is that to date after 6 months he has yet to receive the full rent he and in turn i am entitled to

i am in a position to offer the bank £!000 and my medical records then a £900 a moth to keep in the house but it wasn’t accepted

i was asked why didn’t i appeal to my family of friends which i could have done but decided not to as the £900 pm thereafter would not have been met and i would have wasted their money and lost their trust collectively they have all supported me so much since my injury an injury that i have taken full responsibility for i was fortunate enough to have had a good / my dream job with commensurate salary but i was utterly irresponsible with credit cards and loans all of which i was being chased for building upo a level of stress that caused my injury

i would like to thank the many people in Herne bay who have helped me wether its by lending an arm to get around or when i haven’t any money buying me a tea

my care workers churchfield home care who i greatly rely on

the local citizens advice bureau who have had to sot out my considerable debts

to the URC church congregation who have shown me friendship and support since my discharge from hospital and support on my various charity walks

the staff of the two cafes i use mr beano and Latinos who at all times make sure i am comfortable and on a few occasions mr beano has sent a member of his staff to get me home

the police who on the two occasions i have been attacked and the occasion my car was stolen for dealing with me professionally

the various doctors at the coach house surgery who have looked after me so well

sir roger gale who has always been a support to me in various difficulties i have had and a constant source of sound advice

my uncle is in the process of arranging for me to be accepted into an assisted or sheltered accommodation in wandsworth closer to my children and friends hopefully where i will receive the desperately needed physiotherapy i have been refused here i am currently unable to get 3 yards without a supporting arm

this will be a fitting conclusion to the book i am the subject of

yours sincerely

neil c murphy

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