i all not been on here for a while having problems with as the doctor put it accepting how i am now ! i have had mri;s before but even thinking about one makes me sick the last time i went i couldnt get in it then the next time i was that wound up about it they said to go back to the neuro surgeon and see if they can help i know i need it done but i m very clausrophobic ! i even took diazapam and that didnt help !

im at present off work my employers been great about it so im hoping to get back soon

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welcome back celtic, I don't suppose having your eyes tape shut and then being helped on to the 'bed' in the scanner before you lie back would help would itthen you woudn't see the enclosed space at all. I do hope you find something to help you - how about hypnosis?


Hi Sah...You could ask your Neuro about Propranalol...it certainly has the effect of making you a lot more chilled so that you do not get stressed...you are cool about it!...so you might still not like the claustrophobic experience but it does not bother you...in fact because it makes one less affected by stress it is banned by the Olympic's for use by rifle shooters and professional Poker players use it!


Propanalol is a beta blocker, anything ending in "lol" is and they prescribe them to students before exams and in lots of other situations like that, I would have thought the diazepam would be better, p'raps as Sambs says, hypnosis is the answer, difficult one this, cos short of being anaesthetised you're gonna know you'll be being put in a very confined space and want to fight it.

As Mike says, good luck xxx


Even though I am not claustrophobic I find getting an MRI quite tense. The noise drives me mad but I can handle it. Good luck with finding a way to cope!


Hi again celtic. I feel bad for you as you really seem to suffer very badly with this particular phobia don't you ?

It might be time to ask for a much stronger tranquilliser............possibly a sedative..... ask your neurosurgeon. Maybe they'd consider a mild anaesthetic ?

Love Cat xx


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