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Sah Help

Hi guys, its 17 months now since my subarachnoid brain haemorrhage and Ive had a headache/eye pain for four days now. I hate going to the drs because they will just send me to a&e and I have two children to look after.

Do any of you have occasions where you suffer bad headaches? Its so hard knowing whats normal now and when I should worry. I hate all this.

Any advice would be appreciated x

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Hello jord. Obviously no one can be sure of the nature of headaches, mainly as we are all so different & advice isn't a 'one size fits all' business.

But I can honestly say that, after a SAH in Dec2011, I was on max.dose painkillers every day during the two months in hospital, but there was no great surprise/concern that I had a permanent headache. They did perform an extra brain scan to be doubly sure, but all was fine. I was eventually taken off all pain relief as it was suspected of actually exacerbating the problem and, hey presto, the headaches began to subside.

Since discharge, I do still have some quite debilitating headaches lasting for several days. But I've just had my final MRI scan which, once again, came out normal and, although the headaches are a 'pain' in more ways than one, I'm told they're very common after any type of brain injury.

You're not alone in having an unhelpful GP; it's a problem many people here talk about frequently. And I know it's difficult with two children, but it might be worth trying an hour of deep relaxation (no reading or tv or talking) whenever possible, preferably with pleasant/soothing music and, meanwhile, cutting down on regular painkillers. Stress is the usual culprit so, if you can minimise that, you might start to feel an improvement..........I hope so.

Best wishes Cat x

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hello jord , ive had bad head pain 3 years, its worse some days more than other i no everyone will put stress into it bu we all got stress , i was seen by a neuro head pain lady she explained few things and on a med report apart from 1 bit its normal but its caused cluster headaches with me 2 i got explain if you hdig a hole try fill it up same way as it was it doesnt go back exact same way and as its filing healing you may get this, i got 3 holes 1 from fall just before sah, then sah the day after operation i had stroke can see all on mri's im on high strength pain killers but do not work a smartie would do same im still alive since 2010 and i feel for your head pain as times im here id like 2 put my own hole in head 2 stop pain, i do feel for you but you will have days like that please look after you and childrentry keep stress down thats a joke i no if your anything like me but try please


Hi there.......Like most postings, this one reminds me how lucky I've been. The "obvious" answer is to go to your GP! But if s/he's not been helpful, you need backing to get your headaches taken more seriously. Do you have a local Headway Group? They might be able to give you advice, or even find someone who can go with you to your GP. Do you have any contacts with the hospital where you had your op? They might be able to put pressure on for you. You could find stuff on T'Internetwebthingy about your condition, print it off and take it to your GP.......that might persuade him/her to not just send you off to A+E. How about emailing Headway, tell them about your experiences, and ask for their advice? Then print that and present it to your GP. Good luck.....



Hi Jord,

I had SAH in 2009 and it took me over 2 years to start getting back to some normality, after getting Ventriculitis and Sepsis.

I cannot walk that far but after being told I'd never walk again and I should be put in a home, well thank goodness I had hubby at my side . It gets better honestly but it's a long haul, but never give up and keep smiling and singing


Win xx


Also no stress Jord !!


I know the feeling, Headaches are frequent for me, eye pain not as much. 4 days is a long time, get it checked out asap it probly be all good but dont take any chances.


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