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life after sah

not sure weather to laugh or cry, well actualy im doing both sometimes managing to do both at same time. been waiting for a council house for 9 years and getting no where. And 12 weak after my boxing day sah. they suddenly ring me and say iv finaly got one yippee somewhere safe to bring my 10 year old son up. the worst of worst news being iv got 3 days to pack sort and redirect everything. all advice on welcome iv no idea how im going to manage, and theres no way I turn it down iv waited so long already.

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Hav you got any friend and neighbours to help?

Easiest way I found is do a cupboard into a box then when you get to new home you just open a cupboard and fill it! I moved many times when I was in th Air Force, but then because we moved so often we didnt collect 'stuff'

You need a man with a van. You can shift drawers by taping paper over the stuff in the drawers. Move the carcass then slot th drawers in, saves packing and unpacking clothes.

Mind has gone blank now. Sorry


any friends 2 do redirect stuff and any family 2 help anyone no dont turn it down prob be another 10 years i no a family still waiting and they wernt even very picy on where it worse difernt psrts country or te council i private rented few years then bought house long time ago now and i had 2 do 3 jobs just pay it intrest rates went so high i could not cope but after a sah id never do it now, it be impossible i bet your worried like mad ask the cab is there any volintary people in your area to help pack sort stuff im sure theyd do re direct stuff for you id for your sake get mail all redirected then inform when moved its 2 much try tell all in so short time and i no well trying to get things done is task in itself let alone all you got so any help avice from anyone but there are charities that would hep you even head way may point you 2 help ive been told i need 2 live on the flat not house even thought packing stuff would be scarey ive no 1 aswell so i get where your coming from id look say i carnt do ityou got a chance that bits food just help now try charities worth shot and cab , good luck


Can your local Headway help? I don't know where you are based, but I know there would be plenty of volunteers where we are to help you.


I'm just unpacking, as arrived in my new home Tuesday. What danslatete said is right. I cupboard at a time. Apart from smaller boxes for books. I bought the clear plastic boxes with lids. 2 large ones with wheels, easier to move around the home and safer for stacking. About 4 smaller ones, no wheels, and 1/2 dozen smaller black ones with no lids.you can tape over them.

I used rolls of bubble wrap to wrap over and protect edges of furniture. Taping across it with normal brown packing tape (cheap) also got a roll with fragile on it for anything containing breakables. MARK EACH BOX with its CONTENTS! i.e. books, china, glass, food. Pack Kettle teapot, mugs, milk tea sugar etc LAST so its FIRST off at other end - you'll want that cuppa :-) all bathroom stuff separately and cleaning materials for downstairs/upstairs in separate boxes. TALL CARDBOARD BOXES WITH HANGING RAILS (Yellow Box Storage or similiar sell them - I moved to France with them) GOOD FOR NOT HAVING TO PACK CLOTHES and its also somewhere for the hangers. Then you can unpack at your leisure.

AS VJ says, friends family to help, also local charities perhaps?

I moved to an unfurnished with no storage except in kitchen. Still not enough room!

If you didn't use it in a year - chuck it! I moved 4 times in 14 months. Last one was most organised but I still didn't follow a lot of my own advice. I forgot to mark boxes contents on o/s - now have to open up and see whats in what! well that's me just disorganised when it comes to being practical for myself.

Sorry this is late only just saw the HW post today.

Good luck to you and your son with move. Shirley xx

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thanks to all advice im finaly in new house had to spend 3 days with no boiler but all good now thanks for the advice and help.


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