Wow-First Headway Council Meeting.

Hi All,

I had my first one to one initial council meeting today and I'm not a nervous person but I was a little with this one. It went extremely well and I can't praise Trudy at Headway Hurstwood Park enough, what a fantastic spiritual person she is. I was nervous and a little worried about talking to a stranger about my problems although I have talked to Trudy a few times on the phone so in all not a complete stranger. She really helped me with my emotions and the not being able to love anything problem. At the end of the session which was 1.5 hours I cried, haven't cried for a long time, since before the accident. Felt emotion because of how we talked and what we talked about. 

Thank you headway and my fellow Bi sufferers. Nick XXX

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  • Sounds like this lady found a way through to awaken that crucial area in your brain where others have failed.

    Is this counselling set to continue Nick ?   x

  • Hi cat yes it is. This was the first consultation to see how I'm doing and I thought to see if I needed regular counselling. I was right I'm going once a week but unfortunately not with the same counsellor but I'm sure the new one will be just as good, I hope so. X

  • I think the first counsellor is for assessment and your permanent one will specialise in issues most relevant to you.

    I hope you'll continue where you left off in reaching those elusive emotions.

    Good luck Nick.  x

  • Yes your absolutely right cat. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Well done, Nick!

    I appreciate that I freak people the F**k out, with my calm-acceptance of the fact that my brain is naturally defective, and that I'm carrying an aneurysm that could, ultimately, enlarge between monitoring cycles, rupture, and kill me. My neuro-psych has discharged me, nothing he can do that I'm not already doing, so now, I need to make a decision on whether to carry on with the PIP claim after two declines, or just accept my new normal is mostly-functional, albeit with significant adaptations.

    Onwards and upwards, without the husband and the rug.

  • Thank you. Been a revelation of a day. 

  • I wish there was something other than the 'like' button to show we care. If there was an 'I'm thinking of you' button or an 'I understand and I'm sending you a hug' button - I'd click on it xx

  • Happy for you, that you were able to express emotion again, a step forward.  Keep reaching out - good for you - good for the inner you. 

    The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility - Paul Coelho

  • Hi Recovering,

    Trouble is I knew something was wrong but didn't know what or how to sort it so yes this is a step in the right direction. Clever people at headway.

  • Hi Nick

    It's  sooooo good to hear that you have started on this journey. 

    As Cat says the awakening of a part of the brain that you've not been able to reach on your own is a big part of the process of living better with bi.

    Love n hugs


  • Hi Random,

    Thanks you, as said above I knew something was not quite right but couldn't put my finger on it so hopefully now with one step on the emotion recovery ladder ill be on my way. XX Nick

  • Awesome. That's really great to break the emotional barrier. 


  • It is Nutkin didn't even know that I needed to break the emotional barrier but I am now absolutely fascinated by how the brain works with emotion an I'm truly amazed by my councillor Trudy, fantastic person. X

  • Fantastic news :) the first step is often the hardest. I hope you go from sterength to strength now :) Well done for getting yourself this far and lobg may it continue to improve x

  • Thank you Elenor, Strange strange experience for me but an amazing one. Your absolutely right the first step was the hardest one as I was so nervous before the meeting. Long may it continue. X

  • Well done you making the effort and going! Hope you continue making progress! xx

  • Ha ha thank you peaches, ye going. Could have easily turned round in the car park. Has to say a few prayers before I went in. XX

  • But you did go and that's a great thing! Well done! xx

  • Nick

    That sounds really positive, we'll done you for making yourself go. It can only do you good to unpack what is going on and begin to understand it some more. My emotions have certainly changed since my BI, but more in a way that stuff from over the years that I thought was ok keep coming back to bite. Maybe one to discuss next time I go to the hospital. Also not helped by having to have one of my dogs put to sleep last weekend. Having a few days away now though.


  • Hi Sue, The understand bit is rife with me. I always want reason. 

    Why are my emotions not there?

    Why can't I feel love?

    And I found these answers in my session which is remarkable for me. They were there just the paths to them were lost. I now am fascinated to how the brain deals with this and how paths and neurones can make new paths. Nick XX

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