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Good news!


I've not been around recently as I got my surgery date earlier than expected. Basically I had to have all my teeth removed due to many reasons including the constant pain I had. It was hard to decide whether it was my teeth or my head which was hurting. Since surgery just over a week ago I haven't had 1 headache or migraine. Yes I've had so much pain with my mouth and jaw but no headache! I'm suited the last couple of days I've been able to get my top plate in and wear for a few hours. Bottom will take a few more trips to the dentist. Anyway I'm sure you will get why I'm so happy for the lack of headaches which I'd grown accustomed to. Happy weekend you lovely lot 😍

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Could not tell if that is a before or after picture. Hope you got a badge and lollipop for being probably the bravest patient on the day !

Hope all goes well on the rest of your journey

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This is an after picture using my top plate. Still too many stitches to get the bottom ones in. Not 5oo long to wait. Thank you for your reply. Even better my other half got me soup, noodles, cake and ice cream

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Looks good tho

All soft stuff :-)

After my injury it took me years to get back to the dentist. My head was so sensitive to vibrations, chronic light sensitivity and positional vertigo BPPV - so when they tilted the chair back the room spun! - it was a complete disaster and we had to give up

You look great, what a lovely smile. You must feel great no longer having the headaches. Brill, congrats to you. Your dazzling smile says it all.

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