Not so good after my first night out!

As you all know I went to my first gig on Friday since hitting my head in March this year, well I only stayed out for 2 hours and just had water so why am I suffering so badly with headaches! I've been really bad today, it started as a migraine today and the side of my head feels like I've been kicked by a horse 🤕 ... Not a happy bunny as I thought I was getting better. Hope this 3 day headache goes soon xx.

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  • Just take it steady and hopefully you enjoyed the time out anyway....

    I know that if I do something "new" it can have a bad effect - but always pleased that I pushed myself to try to get back out there ....

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Will do Moo, just worried since my collapse 5 weeks ago! Just when I try to do a bit more it really effects me xx

  • Did you actually enjoyed the concert? I can imagine going to loud, crawded place after my BI. But that is just me. You have been brave to do so and if your headache does not pass (it should i think, maybe your brain just got shocked) you should contact the gp maybe. I know people are pushing themselves to do more but it is not for everybody i think. Well definitely not for me. I loved cinema before; now i cant imagine to be in the dark surrounded by lights from screen and high volume sounds. But that is just me. Hope you get well soon! X

  • I enjoyed getting dressed up and going out like normal ! I couldn't say that I enjoyed the event through but that was because i was nervous xx

  • Hi louise,

    Take it easy, I know if I over do it like yesterday it will effect me the following day. I know its difficult but we have to accept our changes. You say it was a gig was the music to loud? were you playing? maybe thats caused your headache. Hope you have a peaceful evening. Nick Xx

  • Hi MXman

    It was loud music ! The venue was crowded, never effected me before I hit my head! this headache has lasted 3 days now and getting worse 🤕 X

  • Yes understand that, same for me with restaurant noise. Cant stand restaurants and would get a head ache if I sat in oner for long. No no I would have two leave.

  • I would guess this is congnitive load. And the spoon theroy.

    A few months back I went to my local headway's charity Ball, it was great fun, i chatted to lots of fun people who all knew who I was and my wife but i didn't reconise them! But it was lovely. that was Thursday night, I slept friday-saturday, was totally drained Sunday and was borderline human by Monday!

    Some things just do one in, your still fairly fresh as you where so should countune to improve, I recover better than I used to though it seems to have tailed off once past 2 years.

  • Thank you Roger, I like the spoon theory and may use that to explain to my friends too x

  • Love the spoon theory Roger.

  • I'm 11&1/2 years into my BI and I still suffer to this day with killing headaches, mine have got better over the years. I find when I go to gigs I sit near an exit because if I can feel a (brain) coming on I can go out and get some fresh air and a bit of a break from all the noise but I can still hear what's going on.

    I am now able to stay in the gigs a lot longer than befor and haven't got to leave as often to get a bit of piece.

    Hope this advice helps you?

    Lisa85 xxx

  • Take it easy/take it slow/do what feels right and is safe❤️Was the gig any good?😊

    Hope you're ok and take care

  • Louise

    I hope you're starting to feel a bit better today. Hopefully it will get easier to go out. I couldn't at first and had to pick and chose, as it started to get easier. I can manage a gig, so long as that is all I am focussing on and not having to try to listen to anything else. I struggled going to the local pub for ages, especially if there was a few of us and people talking across each other, the open plan office at work was another nightmare. It has got a bit easier now, I just need to try to be aware of when I'm more tired and then it becomes difficult again.

    I love the spoon theory. I can't remember if it was on here, but I also like the one of thinking of your brain like a telephone exchange and you used to have a direct line, but now the information has to go through several exchanges and that's why it is so much more draining.

    Sue x

  • Thank you Sue, I've still got a headache not as bad today as it was yesterday though so I'm sure I'm on the mend again! Seems a shame that 2 hours of loud music at a gig I would normal enjoy has given me the headache from hell for 4 days 🤕 I don't think I will be going again for quite awhile 😟 Xx

  • Hi Louise, sorry to hear you have a headache, what type of concert was it? I love going to rock concerts. What gets me tired is group activities and I feel really tired days after and then my body clock goes haywire.

  • A Soul Night, I was fine when I got home but suffered a really bad migraine headache still got the tail end of it today! I'm not tired just got the headache 🤕 X

  • I hope it goes soon x

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