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A good day !!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to post that I've had a rare thing ........a good day!! Been to coast for day with my wife and managed to drive there and back( with the odd navigational help) . Dont feel to much in pain, feeling shattered ( hopefully means I will sleep). Not much of an achievement I know but it hadnt half lifted my mood. Even the knowledge that I will probably feel worse tommorrow, physically and mentaly, doesnt seem to bother me. This is not a bragging post but just to let people know good days are out there. Grab them enjoy them oh and write down how good they are so you dont forget. These days seem to be becoming rarer for me at the moment but that just means I am going toenjoy them more when I do. Ungortunatley normal service may resime tommorrow.....if not I may be forced to write another happy post. Bye for now from one happy person.

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A lovely end to the day,Paxo. 'Big up your chest' for accomplishing the driving both ways !Hope you don't get too much payback tomorrow but sometimes it's just worth it isn't it ? : ) x


I agree that despite tomorrow's symptoms you'll still revel in this achievement, rather like the aching-all-over after really healthy exercise.

I know that feeling and always think of it as 'Wholesome suffering !!

Well done Paxo ; I'm happy for you. :-/ x


Hi paxo05 Thanks for sharing your happy day post. Looking forward to your next one. :) K


Hi Paxo,

Hope you don't get stuffed too often ;-)

Great to see a happy post. I love the coast and don't get the stress of driving because they nicked my licenses because of epilepsy but my georgeous wife makes a wonderful chauffuere and take me on outings, that way it saves me on energy so I can enjoy more when we get there. :-)

Also love the trips to NT garden at this time of year, snowdrops, crocuses and primroses. :-)

Sure there is nearly always a pay-back period after but the joy of the good make them seem more tolerable.

Hope you had good weather although I love Portland Bill after heavy winds and seeing the waves crash over the rocks.

Enjoy the good, ignore the bad.

Take care and bestest wishes



YAy! Fantastic! And here's hoping you post and have more happy days! Hopefully soon I will be chauffering my hubby around! Fingers crossed for the 23rd!


Thanks for all your good reponses. In answer to paying the price......my mood is still up , but yep you guessed it the pain is bad. Head is thumping and my leg and back well less said the better. But I look at it this way if I can feel pain it means I'm alive. Got a weekend of six nations rugby and gormula one to watch......to aidy recovrry honest. Once again thanks all.


Such wonderful news, Paxo, so pleased you shared it!

I was thinking only the other day that I post on here when things have been hard but I don't often post when things have been good.

I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and remember to post the good days too.

Hope today is good for you too x


Yes it's fantastic to have a great day, and I'm glad you enjoyed yours.

I'm happy to hear that you needed a woman's touch with navigation 😉

Isn't that normal?! Lol.

I hope you have not been too worn out after your adventure to the coast, but not to worry if you are because your good day was more than worth it 😃


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