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Pain in the a_ se or the head?

Hello everyone, thanks for your replies, I'll get round to anwering each one when I can concentrate long enough. Concentration is my biggest bug bear, face to face I can be a pain and seem rude! when I can't help but look the other way when being spoken to, I'm an absolute disgrace!

I've noticed that most of us suffer bad headaches! Many years ago I saw a doctor about this problem and he refered me to a physio. He turn out to be a pleasant young man!!! newly trained from South Africa, ( some sort of witch doctor no doubt) he showed me a few very simple exercises which take no longer than 10 minutes to complete, I found that the headache is gone in a matter of minutes and doesn't return for up to a few months when I repeat them again. This may help someone here, just let me know I can always post them here.

I 've suffered from a bad headache this weekend and it wasn't until I remembered about the exercises this morning that I got relief. Unfortunately, the exercises aren't for memory!

Take care everyone.

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Hi Charley

Yes please!! Anything I can add to the armoury that isn't pill related is more than welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Love n hugs


Don't know if this will work for you, hopefully it will.

Sit up straight, for example on a kitchen chair, back straight, shoulders square looking forward.

1. Pull your chin in so you feel the strain in the back of your neck, hold for 5 seconds and relax slowly. 10 times.

2. Tilt your head slowly from left to right so you feel the strain in opposite side of your neck (it feels like a stretch) whilst keeping you posture. Hold each time for 5 seconds and relax slowly. 10 times

3. Turn your head slowly from left to right, holding your nose in line with your shoulder each time for 5 seconds. 10 times and relax slowly.

4. Stand up straight with your arms by your side and keeping your posture, pull your shoulder blades inwards and hold for 5 seconds. 10 times. Slowly relax.

I hope these will help, I know they do me but everyone is different.

If you find they do help you might like to try it whilst balancing a small child on your nose.

Take care.


Hi Charlyfarley,

Those are exactly the exercises I've just been by a physio for svere neck pain which makes sense as I've been told my headaches tension headaches.

The consult and GP did want to put me on beta blockers to relax the muscles but as I already take so many I often sound like a rattle snake in a prticularly angry mood I got a referal for physio.

There are a couple of others involving laying down and assumeing the prayer position and twisting.

I would just say though that it would always be best to get medical advice before doing these types of excercise because every one has different probs that can be made worse if exercise done wrong. I have displaced vertabrae and space norrowing around L4 L5 and had a physio give me exercises to do for severe back pain, then after I'd left checked my old x-rays of back (I'd told her about the issue and was told that was fine but she would chexk x-rays) she then phoned my wife in a panic telling her that I should scrub at least 3 of the exercises and alter 2 others or I risked damaging the spinal cord.

Physio actually told wife I shouldn't even pick up a full kettle and twist! Bonus or what! Wife making every cuppa! ALthough bit of a nonse cause I'd left physio drove back to work and started throwing 1 tonne steel beams about (levers and lifting gear assisting - hadn't had weatabix that day).

The exercises though do help me a lot, as do the paracetamol. the anti-migraine triptans, and the tramadol ;-)

Take care all


Thanks Charly ; will give it a go when next headache strikes.

Can I substitute the child with a large teddy ? x


Thanks Charley

Sounds similar to my existing physio minus the eye work.

Will definitely try them.... Minus the small child I think for safety reasons.lol



Thanks. My neck & right eye hurt VERY BAD and brain-burn & tickles in it are really terrible today. Eyesight worse: even with good light trub seeing difference text A and O.

Docs say my neck not inured but I KNOW it is - and the rest. No point saying again though.

Nothing sort the brain-burn tickles. Prevention best: NO stress or brain overload. But nobody belives that either or gives me help I NEED that would prevent MOST of it.

I know will (probably) always get this sometimes now though (if overdo things) but not necessary THIS much.


Those exercises sound fantastic, thanks for posting x


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