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Severe headaches after surgery


I've recently ( a few weeks ago ) had fairly major surgery to remove a tumour from near my brain stem. I know everyone is different but are severe headaches common after such surgery. My head feels like it is going to explode and I have severe pain in my temples. The pain is constant. After the operation I had headaches but they calmed down but they have now come back even worse..

I've never had a migraine so not sure if this is what it is, i've been having the headaches for a week now and none of the typical over the counter medication is helping

I've been putting a cold flannel on my forehead to see if that helps but to no avail.

I will probably go to my doctor but just wanted some advice..

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Mine was a coiling operation for a brain haemorrhage but both cases involve brain surgery.

I'm sure you'll get more responses tomorrow but, for now, I can assure you that my headaches were a big problem for many weeks and even now, 15 months on, I still get quite scary ones. From what I've read, both on here and elsewhere, this is quite common and, apart from the pain, not something to worry about.

Do speak to your GP though, as reassurance from a professional is very helpful in relieving the stress which contributes to any headaches whatever the cause. Also, he/she might prescribe something more effective for pain relief.

Regards, cat.

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Hi...Yes I too have severe headaches which are debilitating and frequent. I am 9 months after my Brain Haemoredge due to an aneurysm and have been told that this may continue for sometime. I lose time every week as I have these haedaches...it can be very frustrating and often I make a committment to do something ...like meet friends....but if I wake up with a headache...then my plans dissapear as I often have just to stay in bed with painkillers.....Nevertheless...I still tell the doctor....and try to monitor how often I get them and what type of headache...as it is in differnt places.....they are often scary too.....and I just hold my head in my hands with the pain.......I am sure your doctor will prescibe you appropriate pian relief.....Over the counter things sometimes work...but generally not for me...If you are concerned about anything...go to your doctor and monitor your headaches....Wishing you well....


i gt severe headaches aftr rptred anerusym 8 mnths ago,so its quite common even thgh very scary ,but do chk wth your dr,hope u ave a speedy n good recovery.


I had blood clots removed from left temple following a close encounter of the front of a Ford Cortina when I was struck from behind. Massive 5" trepanne to allow access. I had bad headaches too, eventually went around four months after I'd come round from my coma. I made the mistake of necking pain killers to try to control the pain, which it didn't. In the end I just put up with it until it disappeared. As for the magnitude of the headaches .....F painful.


After coiling following an SAH I had the most extraordinary headaches and was prescribed steroids by my radiologist (dxamethasone) to take down swelling and inflammation, they worked almost instantly and I only ad to remain on them for a couple of weeks. I hoe your head feels better soon! I feel yr pain!

Helen x


Thank you for your comments. I went to my doctor but I think she found it hard to know what to do as this is not her area of expertise. I've been given some basic painkillers but it's not really helped yet.

I was supposed to go to the pain clinic this week but of course they have cancelled my appointment at the last minute and I know have to wait three more weeks.. it's really frustrating....


I agree with everything Cat said. I had terrible headaches after my emergency SAH operation. I know you won't want to know that it went on for a long long time afterwards, but do go to the doctors and talk to them.

I was counting the minutes before I was able to take my next paracetamol for a couple of years afterwards, even during the night. I am sure I became addicted to the paracetamol so be careful. I now only take them when I absolutely can't put up with the pain.

I am now 20+ years since the SAH and still have bad days but not as many now. I hope you can get this under control asap.

Best wishes



I had a scar removed from the brain because of hoping for help to have rid if my epilepsy. But since my operation (7 months ago) I too have had an none stop head-ache and pounding of the template since, been giving head tablets but nothing seams to have rid of the pain I have, but does halve the pain.

Hoping to see the same doctor next month at Oxford for answers as my epilepsy is still there too..

Good luck and hope u heal soon x


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