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Hope you all are good

Well xmas and new year have been and gone :)

I was to ill at xmas but hayhoo so are many xx

Well what can i say not a lot 18 months after hubbys stroke and crash am still here living with a man i dont know

Dont get me wrong it is what it is

But i find myself wishing of day before brain injury,i know things will never be the same and we all got to move forward,at least he still here

Things have not changed much with scott he still got problems with speech and walking and tbh his memory but he is better than he was

If i could give you all a little advice is to take every day as it comes and look forward not back

Best wishers

Sue x

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Hello lovely ; so good to see you !

Your post reminds me that carers go through the same process of 'The new me' as their loved ones. It isn't just we, with the brain issues, who's lives have been changed dramatically, and the carer of course has all the added responsibilities thrust upon them not only of caring for another person, but of the whole mass of financial, practical and emotional matters of everyday living.

You seem to be handling your roller-coaster existance with a more philosophical approach of late ; I hope that's down to a less stressful you and not a worn out one ! But you really do appear calmer Sue, and I hope that's a sign that you really are coping better and that you and Scott are getting the hang of this crazy brain injury business together.

It'll never be as we'd like, this new way of life, will it m'love. But I hope it'll keep improving for you as you both become more accustomed to your new 'Now'.

Hope you're fully better now from your poorly episode. Love & best wishes for this new year to you both................. Cat xx


What I meant to say was I think you've done/you're doing great !

xx 😉


Thanks cat3xx

We are ploddlng along nicely now

But dont get me wrong there are days i could really scream and shout along with walking out

But i just say today is today and tomz is another day :) i must say things are lovley now we have everthing on our door step :)

Best wishers to you cat3 xc

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Thanks Sue, Take care.......... xx


How nice to hear from you. I do hope you are now settled in your new house. It must make life so much easier for you, being closer to everything. Glad to hear things are going along OK, we all know that life will never be the same post bi, but you can still have a reasonable life, even if it isn't the one you expected.

All the best to you and Scott


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