morning all x

hi guys hope this finds you all well xx or as well as can be expected x

after a long cry and a huge rant outside to myself I decided to work with it ,yes there has been times I have wanted to walk away ,but am here and sharing this with you all .I have tackled all I needed to waiting for another pip form to be sent out as we have to start all over again as they lost that form too ,we have had a lot of visitors this week and all are in the same mind that scott should not have been sent home after just 5 days ,anyway he was and we got to deal with all that comes with it ,I have never filled so many forms in in all my life but its all done now ,I must say I feel like I have been on this never ending rollercoaster I find myself under a lot of strain ,but saying that I have now done it .I have been consentrating on what can scott do not what he carnt do .we have even had a laugh along the way ,I have now learnt that this is the best option to go with to work on what he can do not what he carnt ,it is still very early days still but I am feeling a bit more positive about the out look ,we still have a mri scan waiting to go to and nerolagist but after 5 weeks things are moving forward I take each day as it comes and I no longer worry that scott carnt remember what he did yestaurday .that was that day and today is this day ,well that's what I am doing ,there has been a lot of emotion and tears along they way and no doubt there will be more ,but am running head on with them all and ticking boxes off when they are done am now slowly chipping away at a very long list I now see some light at the end of a horrid tunnel ,yes I will still cry and scream but it is what it is ,scott still has a very long way to go but we will do it every day is a new day and no matter how horrid he is we just start over the next day he is even smiling more now we talk a lot now and he even laughs that he wont remember the next day ,all I can say for them that find themselves like us is please work with what you have not what you have lost every day is a new day .am so thankfull just to have scott here with me ,things really could have been diff so am thanking you all for all your advice .this forum and the people who are on it have been a god send xx

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  • This is fantastic news and ur doing really well. I know my parents were the same as you just after my accident and when I was nasty to them they just laughed it off in front of me but they said that kinda helped me stop being nasty.

    Keep things up Lisa85 xxx

  • I'm so pleased you are feeling abit more positive. I know exactly how you are feeling. One day at a time xx thinking of you both


  • Hi and well done for realising so early that its what you can do that is important.

    Yes we all want to do more but it is sooooo easy to lose sight of what you can do.

    It seems unfortunate that hospital concentrate hugely on physical recovery and not mental recovery. Yes its a long road along the mental recovery highway and its not a well mapped one.

    I managed one night in hospital before being let loose on the world ....oh with a leaflet outlining the warning signs...ok apparemtly I discharged myself but that is another issue

    Once again well done and all the best on your journey forward.


  • Well done Rose, if you have seen my post you will see that they have sent Ian home with no back up either, so we are both in the same boat. Its rocky but just got to take it as it comes and agree whole heartedly if you can have a little laugh together the rest you can cope with. Take care and keep smiling.


  • It is dicusting that they send them home with no back up or care in place and yes take every day as it comes if you ever need a chat just message me x

  • not just here for advice rose aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. if you get my drift

  • Not really ?

  • cream and shout

  • should have been scream and shout but hey if you cant have a laugh at the weekend !!!

  • Hi. That's great news I'm so pleased for you. Yes you have got the right attitude. Take one day at a time. Things will get better, you have to work at it to make it happen. Please let me know if I can help you further??


  • Well done Rose for reaching a point which many of us took weeks to reach. Despite being thrown into this strange and frightening situation with no back-up you've, almost overnight, got the hang of the essentials. And your wisdom in seeing that there'll be more tears to come, and more frustration, is what will see you through the long period of Scott's rehabilitation.

    I was still in the High dependency unit at the stage of Scott's discharge, with weeks of nursing care ahead. So you've been, and still are, at the centre of a very demanding role. Be proud of yourself, and give yourself the credit you deserve for getting both of you through these recent hair-raising weeks !

    And next time you need to scream, we'll be here with love and hugs. Take care Rose. xx

  • So pleased to hear that you're managing, after all you've been through and the strain you've been under. I agree / the support of the people on the forum is invaluable.......I consider myself so lucky to have found it as it's been my life saver. Here I am again after three hours sleep, not too despondent :) I can have log in and say hi to everyone and see what everyone's up to at five in the morning - and find a bit of good news to 'like'. Thank you for yiur post, and good luck with all your forthcoming appointments and admin. You'll get there in the end x

  • Glad to hear that you have reached a place of feeling more positive. You will get through taking it one day at a time, smiling when you can. I hope to soon read about your PIP award and other things sorting themselves out too. Very best xxx

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