good morning all

well I hope this finds you all well x

am not going to moan about scott as am sick of doing that but things are getting better for him he now is walking some days without his stick even thou he is still limping and slow and still gets tired he is making more convo now too the only thing that still bothers me he has no emotion towards anything. anyway we have learnt we have the house in Sutton in ashfield and move in on the 9th june eeek no idea we the money is coming from to move but hayhoo couse it is a big 3 bed house we have got t2vans ,my son spencer has already got himself a job at Tesco so he just going from 1 Tesco to another I have got my 18 year old to go sign on at long last he has had some interviews but nothing yet but he is going to look at jobs in Sutton now we have a moving date,i did say when am settled there am going to look for part time work myself as I feel scott can now be left for a few hours

so all in all onwards and upwards xxx blessings to you all xxxx

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  • How lovely to hear that things are improving for you. A new house will mean a whole new start for your family. Let's hope Scott keeps up his improvement, he has done so well up to now.

    Lots and lots of luck for the future to you both.

  • thank you exhaustedwife

    I hope you are well

  • I am fine. I hope that your new home gives you peace of mind. It must have been horrid being so isolated when Scott was so ill.

  • it so was I hated it was ok when scott could drive but when things like this happen it hits home that this village was not a good idea

  • You are so right. We have lovely villages round here and much as I would like to live in them, I realise that if you can't drive it is no fun (unless you are rich enough to have a taxi everywhere!).

    Your new house sounds in a perfect spot and so close to everything but I think you might find it strange living in a town after so much peace and quiet in the country.

    Good luck with the move. I love moving but I know most people find it very stressful.

  • Susan, that's so good to hear. It's been a long time coming but things DO seem to be looking up for you all. And a new environment should make all the difference, especially one where you're not so isolated. It's just the BEST news m'love.

    I'm sure there'll be some anxiety & maybe a few cross words during the move as it's a stressful time for anyone. But I hope it'll be a move towards a very different lifestyle and the saying goes 'The future looks brighter' !

    Great news Susan ; thanks for posting it. Love Cat xxx

  • thank you cat3 yes be very busy I must say I just carnt wait to be out of this isolated village

    we had to go look at the house last week,oh my what a jurney we had 2 trains and a bus but scott did it he was rather tierd but it had to be done ,when we got there we went for a walk round the shopping centre called idlewells its only a 10 mins walk for us and it has everthing :} there is also a chippy and local shop just 3 mins walk from the house :} am hoping for a new chapter now xx

  • Oh wow, I'm feeling pretty emotional myself just seeing your words. You've been so mentally & emotionally battered Susan and at times it seemed there was no way out of your miserable, trapped situation. But a big red house near to all amenities sounds like a dream come true ; I'm so very happy for you m'love.

    Sending you a different sort of hug through the airwaves, not a sympathetic one this time, but a celebratory one with loads of smiles attached !! :-/

    Keep the updates coming. xxx

  • I will cat3 and thanks so much for the hugs I really need it I have said that when we move am going to the doctors myself as I feel this jurney that scott and me found ourselfs on has affected me more than I dare say ,I do know this cat3 we will both never be the same people we was before. I have seen things I never wanted to see been shown things I never wanted to understand I have heard things that I wished my ears could never hear my heart has been shatterd into a millon pieces picked back up again and put back together with the love and vains of me and scott now them vains will run deeper than ever before xxx

  • Fantastic news! I wish you happier times in your new home.

  • thank you x

  • Less than three weeks to go ; see you again soon Susan................... xxx

  • Oh it's all sounding so much better for you! A move is stressful but once you're there and over that part it sounds like it will be so much easier for you! Enjoy! xx

  • keep your faith you are an angel .keep positive believe what you are doing . because I see a very special human being in you. we can only do are best take each day as it comes . feel sorry for you love . x

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