Early morning ramblings, Again!

Where to start? My brain is full of things swirling round, I can't sleep, so sorry folks they're getting put down here then perhaps I can get back to sleep.

It's too much effort to put all this on paper, I mean to put a pad next to the bed but my handwriting tends to get illegible after a short time, not that that really matters, I digress!

The central heating boiler's sprung a leak, so have to ring the gas board in the morning.

What else? Oh yes been thinking I need to organise all my papers again, they were all in order but I've neglected things this past 2 years, understandably, but a good sign that I want to put it back in order. Will get some box files and I want to convert the small bedroom into a study, got shelves in there already. My husband will have a fit, more work, and I can't do it, he dreads hearing me say " I've been thinking!" well what else do I do with my time?

Had another reflexology treatment yesterday, fantastic, don't know if it's the placebo effect or what but thats my 3rd this year and I'm feeling so much better, still got the balance issues but can cope better with the "alien" feeling, and found I dont need my walking stick, only when it's really windy, it's taught me to really relax too, well worth the cost.

Still haven't finished the bedroom, that's been work in progress since before Xmas, I can't complain cos I was the one that used to do all the decorating and now I can only just supervise, funny how going up ladders and stretching is no longer on the cards, I nearly fell out of the loft yesterday! Went up to help my son look for a suitcase and lost my balance when I was climbing off the top of the loft ladder!, that's another job that's got out of hand in the last 2 years, I'd tidied half the loft before I was ill but in the last 2 years it's been used as a dumping ground, it's going to take me ages to get back to where I was with it,

I hear you ask "what is my husband doing" he works long hours, travels to Leeds and back every day, goes out before 8 in the morning and is rarely home before 7.30pm, so there's only weekends to do things now and everyone needs r&r don't they, it'll get done, no rush, if there's one thing this has taught me it's there's more important things to be done in life, we're only this way once, and I've been given a second chance, I'm not wasting this one!!!

Well, must try and get some sleep now, sorry if that was a bit long winded and boring.

Best wishes, Love Janetxxxxx

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Janet, we are living parallel lives !

Firstly, my boiler also sprung a leak on Sunday and the boiler-man fixed it (new valve) on Tuesday.

Secondly, I've just bought a new concertina file and sorted out all my paperwork.

Thirdly I was attempting to repair some ceiling wallpaper in the bedroom on Wednesday and had to stop owing to losing balance.

Fourthly, I too had a near accident when I got stuck at the top of the attic ladder carrying a halogen heater back up on Tues eve.

And finally we've both been struggling to sleep (again).

.................wish I could play that music from 'The Twilight Zone'.



hope you are ok after your near miss cat3? One of the scariest things about living alone must be having an accident and there being no-one there to help or not being able to summon help yourself. I always have my mobile with me, especially at night, just in case! I know in the UK one can call 999, never remember the variety of numbers I could call here depending on type of emergency - so just know I could call 112 the european emergency number, which is what I did at the time of the car accident. Apparently you can get help on that number in a variety of languages and I didn't have to wait long to have an english speaker on the phone. I must go on YouTube and listen to the Twilight Zone music, not a programme I watched but know the name :-) xxxxxx

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I just Googled it & got it on Utube.........made me laugh out loud agAIN.

At this rate I'll be manufacturing lots more of those wonderful endorphins ! ;-) xx


yes, just done same and googled it. No haven't heard it before. I watched the video of it but it was the words that got to me - made me so emotional - # when the bullet hit the bone # - took me back to the evening I felt the aneurysm so painfully shoot up my neck into my brain. It was like somebody had shot me using a crossbow with a metal bolt.

I had arrived at a village community hall, after 15 minutes of driving up a hairpin bend mountain to go and play darts! After the pain I collapsed but stayed conscious long enough to demand they dial 112 and within 10 minutes my doctor and sapeur pompiers had arrived. I was whisked off to a hospital 57 kms away, staying conscious the whole time, they kept talking to me and asking questions - the next thing I remember is waking up 3 days later in a different hospital. I'm sorry everyone - this is the 1st time I've said to anyone in detail what happened - that is why the words and video of the song so got to me, because I know that is the day that changed my life!

I'm so pleased that I am able to write this now on HW. No apologies cat3 pls if the song made you laugh again - your comments have now put a mile on my face - sorry that should be smile :-) Shirley xxxxxxxx


OMG - just realised - sorry cat3, ignore my last reply - watch it again and get those endorphins going - I'm even laughing at myself now for even writing this! How is my plant/flower list coming on? Shirley xxxx


No no. It was a privilege to hear your account of the night which changed your life........thank you Shirley.

Just to clarify.......had you arrived at the hall when it happened or did the pain start whilst you were still driving ?


Eileen, to answer you, it started only about 10/15 minutes after I'd parked car and walked,in. Was talking to french friends in the bar area and suddenly felt weird, so walked into the hall where my ex and some other ex-pats were - don't remember if pain actually started in bar area or hall, but was most aware of it in the hall and, only because of watching medical programmes over the years and knowing of a young lad back in UK, school friend of one of my sons, that had had a bad headache for 2 days but then he died! I just knew what was happening to me at the time was serious and life-threatening - although I didn't know what had happened till after I came round in the hospital. 3 days later.

I would love to know what caused it - the chances of finding that out over here or anywhere, must be pretty remote!

I also have MDS, a blood cell disorder diagnosed 2+ years ago and would like to know if there is a connection between the 2, but can't find any answers on internet! Doctors treat both conditions as separate entities! xx


Never heard of MDS but I remember being told that the reason for my SAH would never be known. When asked by family, could it be stress-related they were told 'quite possibly but we'll never know'.

Thanks for that Shirley, I feel I know you a little better now & I'm sure others appreciate your account.

Lotsoflove xxx


thanks cat3. MDS - if red/white cell blood counts get below normal parameters, could be Leukemia eventually,which is treatable in earlier stages. Me and my Doctors/Haematologists have to see blood test results every 3 months to check. Believe you me, after everything I've been through over the last year is anything to go by., I do not worry about my MDS. not yet anyway - just wondered if there might be a connection between that and the reaon for my aneurysm/haemorrhage.

I'm just like the Liverpool & Alliance you know - STRONG STUFF THIS INSURANCE! XXXXXX best wishes to all, you have greater thing to overcome than me.


Sambs, I read this website in a haphazard sort of way. I now realise you are not in UK. I am trying to get the hang of this forum stuff. As I did not do anything like this before I am rather at sea. I like to respond to a picture. I am not being secretive but I am unable to put one up.

Thank you so much for all the encouragement you give us. I now know that others understand what I am coping with even if their experiences are different.

Good health to you all



Hi Turquoise, haphazard is a good word to use here, we are probably all like that at times in our own ways. Lack of concentration on my part, adds somewhat to my posts, with the 'where I live' confusion,I moved from UK to France in 2008, where I had my BI last year.

Headway is my only source of support and friendship - and that comes from and to the members on the forums, as well as HEADWAY personnel themselves. Its so heartwarming knowing that others here understand the problems of living with a BI because they are in the same boat - so sometimes we are all at sea :-) Our family and friends may love and care for us but they don't necessarily understand us after a BI, however caused.

No problem with no picture, you don't have to put one on, its your choice, just do and/or write to ask or respond to what YOU are comfortable with (within HW guidelines of course). You'll soon find your way around the forums, if you have given HW your email address, you'll find email sent to you from HW when members have replied to posts. You'll soon see different names and very often the same names cropping up under different topics.

Not sure if you are m/f, not that it matters, but there are plenty of both who use the forums and its interesting reading topics and replies from both perspectives. Well I'd better stop rambling on as well, but hope you'll find the answers you may need/want here with us members. Good health to you as well TQ - Shirley xxxxx - A bientot!


Maybe of help

Don't know what mobile phone you have (or if you have one) but some of the mobile phones (e.g.Samsung) have a setting where you can configure the phone to send a pre set text messages to a group of people in an emergency.

Quite a neat feature that they don't publicise


a bit late as usual for me to see your answer sospan. I have a French mobile Samsung and UK Nokia - both quite old so only use for text or to receive calls from other french mobiles here. Mobile phones are a way of life for almost everyone in France. I'm older and too confused now to be bother with latest mobile technology. Wins 8 on the laptop is enough for me:-) With my internet package I get free telephone calls in and around Europe to the extent I phone French or UK home numbers onlv-its not free to mobiles given the range and choice of networks. Thanks for telling me though.


Hello Cat3, Is this going to reach you? I have tried to send 2 messages to you. It keeps saying you are trying to send a message to yourself. I am fairly useless. I rang Headway Head office yesterday.

Thank you for support and encouragement to us all. Being new and confused it means a lot!



OK turquoise, well I haven't received any messages from you but I will message you and try to explain what steps to follow. xx


I forgot to say, to open the message I've sent simply click on the red alert at the top of the page.


This is so spooky xxxx


Isn't it ? xx


Hi Janet, you ring so many bells with me also, so you RAMBLE ON!

Paperwork has become the bain of my life, not doing it - just keeping it in some sort of order, even with ring binders and plastic inserts it took me 4 hours the other evening just to sort out what's what for the medical appointments I had and have coming up.

Sleep - whats that? Last Saturday I got up at 10.30am. I finally went to bed (sleep) - at about 3or 4am Sunday night/Monday morning well I don't actually go to bed anymore - as I now sleep on the settee and let the sound of the tv send me to sleep usually! No normal pattern to life anymore! But I am trying and have found a new place to move to 'again'.

Reflexology is wonderful, I used to go a friend when I lived down south, she is a qualified therapist - the same woman my husband said he is hopeful and its probable, he will get together with sometime in the near future. He told me that 3 days before I drove 500+ kms to where I live now - then I had my car accident 4 days later. I wonder why? No wonder he didn't want us to reconcile, knowing now what I didn't know then!

Balance issues are scary and both you and cat3 almost having accidents at the loft sounds scary as well! My new doctor has put me on a drug called Betahistine Mylan. With a head and ears that always felt blocked and under pressurre, like in an aeroplane, it has really helped, the ears have cleared and the pressure is much reduced, so I hardly wobble now when walking, stairs/steps are still a bit of a problem as I need something to hold onto going down. Going up is not a problem. I take 1 in morning and 1 in evening [when I remember].

Your 'ramblings' aren't boring - almost all the discussions ring bells with people and encourage inter-communication, its good to know, that so often we are not alone in our after-effects and rehabilitation. I seem to remember reading or hearing somewhere that its the HIDDEN DISEASE - the after-effects of Brain Injury.

By the time you read your replies, I hope you will have slept well. xxxxxxx


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