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Thanks for confirming my worse nightmare

So all along in the run up to this hospital appointment I have been convinced that its not my brain injury its something else, I went to the appointment and they said my horomones are fine and they think it could be all injury related because im getting older so they have asked my gp to refer me to the neurology dept to get re-assessed as the last time I saw anyone (and because it was a follow up to when I was 13) nothing happened I didnt get any results, they didnt help me ect so now I feel like i have a fight on my heads (again like I did 4 years ago) with specialist saying we cant help her because she has a full time job ect and not even bothering to look at my life and I can already feel frustration from both works angle of she is fine her injury doesnt effect her and specialist angle of she works for the council shes fine when I am getting effected by something and have done for the past 6 months but on the good side havent unprotected sex and then taking the morning after pill didnt mess me up and im not pregnant

But it could go right they migiht go yes you have a brain injury lets go though you accept it and findways around it ect

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Hi Bexx.

I'm sorry you're going through this difficult time and I hope the neurology appointment comes quickly and you are able to have an assessment. It might be worthwhile telling the neurology assessor how you're feeling about everything you've mentioned? Certainly mention that you feel misunderstood at work and by people who think you're fine when you're not because they might be able to make some recommendations to your GP for some kind of help like neuro-psychology or something? And be sure to tell your GP about the other things you mention like birth control. They need to provide you with some advice about this really. Have you called the Headway Heaplline to mention these things? You might find they are more experienced at advising about certain things? I hope you get the help you need. I feel sorry for your situation. People see you working and think you're fine and that's really difficult to deal with. Take care. x

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Thanks they also thought that as I age my injury will be more promanate


Possibly it’s also that at 13 the brain is in a state of flux so it’s not a stable point to try testing.


I don't think I was assessed properly it was more for research "benefit" so the only thing I gained was my partial MRI scan and nothing else so they want me to talk to my gp to refer me to get reassessed


I think that people falling though the gaps isn’t un common.

I only recently had assements 4 years down the line, I’m fairly high functioning which is another factor.

See my blog for the testing and assessments they did.


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