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4 years ago- The anniversary of my brain injury!

Brain Injury- injury mening it could get better.

It was the end of Febuary when I woke up from my coma.

On January the 18th 2009, I collasped and lost oxygen at about 7am. Was put straight onto a machie to keep me alive.

My parents got told tht I would be in hospital for a short while.

But when they tried to wake me I didnt wake up. It was then and only then when they realised the possiblity of injury to the brain.

I woke up blind, unable to talk and unable to walk, my hands were stiff. I was terrified from the nightmares when i was asleep.

I thought my dad and my grandma were dead- because thats what I had dreamt.

I didnt realise I couldnt talk in my head i was screaming because NO ONE WAS LISTENING but no one could hear me, because i couldnt talk.

My first word was 'Ice cube' and after that i thought i would soon be back at school.

9 months spent in a neuro unit in Preston, helped me recover.

I am alive and thats all that matters, I always think there are people worse off then me because there is!!!

I am now at university studying a foundation degree and im a co founder of Headway Blackpool Wyre and Fylde.

I laugh a lot because if i didnt laugh I would cry.

Yes life is harder but I just think if life didnt have these sorts of obstacles then life would be boring!

Thank you for reading my Blog.

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How fantastically positive you are. We celebrate the day after my Jake's accident and TBI as the day he survived, although he is still in rehab 15 months later! Thank you for sharing your journey.


Thanks DorsettCharlie its the first time ive written about it in a blog. Things will get better for Jake dont give up hope!

I had one of the speediest recovers my neurologist has ever seen.

I think it helped cause i was used to hospialitals due to previous illnesses pre brain injury.

Just remeber what doesnt kill you can only make you stronger!


Hi, which hospital were you in in Preston?




Fabulous and uplifting post and a fascinating read. Well done you for dragging yourself through the trauma and moving on to positive things. And also for giving back too. I applaud you.


What a lovely positive blog!!

I had serious head injury in a RTA in 1992 (from which I was the sole survivor from 4), I was called "miracle Girl" by my Consultants - because what they said I wouldn't do - I did!!

I think that that difficult chapter of my life has ended now ..................... and the saying "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" is my guide.


That blog entry was lovely!

I am really into thinking about what a state I was in, when I first came out of my coma. My poor old husband, it must've been terrifying. Would I ever get better? Would I ever be able to speak clearly enough that people could understand me? Would I ever remember that that cute little baby was ours? (I still don't remember the first year of her life, or a couple of years before she was born; but the important thing is, I love her to piece, now!)

Well done, getting to university. I really hope the foundation goes well, and you can move onto a degree course. I'm a lecturer, myself, so I'm a uni fan, me!


What a positive message for everyone. I found this site by accident and joined. I met my partner 15 months ago so never knew him before a serious assault on him 6 years ago which left him with a head injury.

It will be so good for me to talk to people in the same boat as me.

A massive learning curve for me i have to say, to understand the effects a serious head injury has on a person. Learning not to take the challenging behaviour personally !!!


Sorry to send this 'reply' so long after you post, but I only just saw it.

I am interested because of your comments about university. I am a university lecturer (although I had to take 18 months off sick after my accident, back in 2005). I hope you passed your foundation, and are now working for your degree.


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