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TBI brain Bank does exisit


So a lovely lady that I met at the Nerouscience fest has emailed me (she works for the brain bank at southmead) and has told me that in King's College London that has a brain bank which accepts traumatic brain injury cases as I mentioned I would be very happy to (I know they is a looooonnnnnng way off) donate my brain to medical science when Im dead and has given me a email address so I can get more information so I am going to email her and get more info.

And she asked me if I know about headway and they have articles and I said yes, they have published a article on me (inset link here), I talk on there forum (insert link here) and I go to a social group they run and they were at the fest (along with CRIC and HITU who I both said Hi to) and I have read nearly every article they have published and I have emailed CRIC and said I will be a MRI volunteer if you want

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Bexx, There is a VERY funny (in a sort of sick way) film called 'Young Frankenstein', in a part of it, one of the characters (Igor - rather surprisingly, I think) went to the brain bank in New York to make a withdrawal and after an accident ended up with 'Abby Normal' brain instead of a leading Nobel Lauriat. To give you an idea, the film was directed by Mel Brooks who did another film called Blazing Saddles where the main story line was the election of a Coloured sheriff so he could be lynched in a land grab 'without too much fuss' - both films highly recommended and worth a tub of toffee popcorn.

The BRAIN Initiative, some scary stuff going on there I suspect, so I'm reassured this is being done by Kings College. You don't want your brain ending up in the new fighting machine, or reptiles taking over the world!

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Ooooo I like how they have turned brain in to a acronym Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies lol but its in america :-( Neurodata Without Borders looks interesting to read

Oooh BRAIN was launched by President Obama in 2013 to advance the science and technologies needed to unlock the mysteries of the human brain

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I have great concerns as my daughter is doing robotics and artificial intelligence for her Masters (she's outraged!!) and I wouldn't put the fate of the world in her hands, despite her model upbringing.

Before my SAH i had signed to leave my brain and spinal cord for MS research. After my bleed they declined it saying it would no longer be usable. I don't have MS but my brain was to be a "normal" one to compare to. I was gutted but my family are still laughing that I managed to persuade someone that I was normal! They are convinced that my brain would have scuppered any research. x

After my second bleed the consultant told me fortunately that area of my brain wasn't normal (scar tissue), I burst out laughing "You think the rest is normal?", gallows humor is a effective protection mechanism.


Did you know that you can either donate your brain to science or your organs to others but not both apparently? And if you happen to die on a bank holiday they change their mind and reject the body so best to have back up plans for burial!!! Kid you not. Happened to friend's dad!

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have carried donor card for more years than I can remember ( sah 1985 and 2009 ) heart and kidney probs dr said I could leave my eyes but son said they could only be left to joke shop, as one is like a dead fish eye the other one goes for a wee wander. how good they make you feel ,,?????

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I would ignore your son at the end of the day it's your choice let's the donars decide if they what it, my mum wants to donate her body (she told me when I was 15 and until I decided I wanted to do it I never really understood why) but I don't know if it will be any use because of her numerous issues (but that's not up for me to decide. my mum thinks that by donating her body I don't have to arrange a funeral but now I understand that they will only take certain parts not the entire body)

To be honest, after I have finished breathing, my 'bone bag' has no use to me so it can be used by doctors, neurologists or anyone who can find it useful (with the possible exception of 'art installation') I always saw my post mortem future as being based on value to the recipient, or science - so long as I wouldn't end up on a shelf in a school or in a lab during discussions. I heard somewhere that it would be possible to take out the impurities of the body and reduce it to a pate - something akin to Brussels pate (not sure about that one either, but if you are hungry ...)

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