Let me try to explain ...

So I put that I feel like Im 13 trapped in a 30 yr old body and someone commented saying: " I feel young wise of early 20,s instead of 46. And my Body is telling me im in 80s"

and this was my response:

Let me try to explain how I feel like Im 13 trapped in a 30 year old body (and its fine if you dont understand because unless you have this no one can comprehend how it feels like):

so something happened called a serve traumatic brain injury when I was 13 and it is now after 17 years effecting me and because I work, have qualifications, can live fully independently ect its very hard to make people believe that I have a serve traumatic brain injury because people think it doesnt f*&king effect me when actually it does every second and over the past 6 months my life has gone in to drastic decline and I have been advised by the BRI to ask my gp to refer me for a BI assessment to see if it is effecting me because when I explained how I have been feeling for the past 6 months he said Im not a neurologist but it all sounds like front lobe problems and that is the part that your injured and for the past feel days I have been getting tingling in my frontal lobes / in my face !!!

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  • Feel similar, I had TBI at 21 now I’m 34 yet I still feel like 21. This would be in all aspects. I know time has moved on but my brain tells me otherwise

  • mean while the university of bristol on park st is currently on fire down from the road from my main office ....

  • That can’t be good, is the fire brigade on scene?

  • That’s also very strange as that’s actually where I suffered my TBI??????

  • :-o really I work down at the bottom of park street on college green in that big semi circle building once know as the council house

  • Really!

  • Im gonna see if i can see it from across the river

  • Must be serious! Don’t put yourself in harms way!

  • yes they have been for the past hour


  • Wierd where u work is where I was set upon by 3 blokes then where the fire is is where I was resting over some bollards thinking I got away then I was kicked in the head multiple times

  • :-(

  • Bless u, did u see the fire from across the river?

  • No I couldn't be bothered in the end

  • What a spectacle like that! Should have went to the pub and watched it through the window! Actually prob better things to do on sat night

  • haha

  • I can relate when you say you feel like a 13 year old in a 30 year old body. I feel like I am in my teens still and I am 34 in May.

    I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 1996 when I was 11. Not easy to go through the effects of a BI when you ar trying to make it through senior school.

    Anyhow, I feel like my life is going by very very slowly while others on the outside are zooming along.

    I drew a picture for Headway's 'A new me' campaign and added my story to it as well `s how I feel. If you haven't already seen it, you can view it here,


  • Hey Bexx, I feel for you. It is hard for people to see or understand when they see the surface. To all intents and purpose you manage, but then lurks this underlying world that others do not see as there is no scar or limp. I have similar to you.

    A neurologist may well be a good shout, but it can be hard to explain to a GP. Have you spoken with Headway - I am guessing you have, if not seek out chatting with them, and here too.

    Good luck xxx

  • I will be seeing them end of the month for the social group they run so will explain then

  • Good, you will meet people who know what you are talking about, and offer support. With very wishes xxx

  • Hi Bex I can't say i know exactly how you feel because everyone's experience of BI is personal to them. However when i had my stroke which caused my BI i had opposite effect in that i felt like i'd been ripped out of my existing life and thrown into the body of a much much older person, literally felt like i'd aged about 30 years over night.... like something out of the invasion of the body snatchers.

    As time has progressed although i still have side effects to deal with i do actually feel like i've regained some of my youth.

    So whilst i don't know exactly how you feel i do have some empathy and understanding.

    I also sympathise with trying to get people to understand that you're still dealing with side effects of your BI. I'm sure that a lot of us have that cross to bear.

    Sending you a hug. xxx

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