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Good Morning Fred

Just thought it's been a day or two since I've posted/heard from Fred,

No particular message but hope you have a good day.

I'm off to have a facial this morning it claims that if you have 3 it will wipe 6 years off your age, can only afford one for my birthday, but I'll settle for 2 if it can wipe the last two, I may even dig deep into my pockets for the other two if it works. That would take me back to preBI!!!!!!

Have a good day Fred,


Everyone else too of course xx

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If that is true, I'd need about 20 facials!




Hi Janet, this may make you jealous Jan, but pretty much everyone I know has commented how much younger I look since the operation, one even reckoned as much as 15 years, and I'm not making this up either, by your sums that's two and a half facials, appreciate your thoughts Janet.


Janet you could be my new mojo, I have indeed (so far) had a far better than usual day, started positively selling a laptop via Gumtree that had been in the cupboard gathering dust for yonks, proceded to local library (a place I have been avoiding) and spent a good part of the day without any wind ups, which is a success in itself. There is a nice home made curry smell wafting through from the kitchen, I do believe since finding the site life has taken on a more positive feel, or maybe its just the good day that comes round periodically, I wont know till there is some consistency of mood, but I'm hopeful which again is a vast improvement, 'talk' to you soon Janet .




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