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Good days!

I've just had 3 good days this week, by good I mean more able to get on with things. But I don't know if I'm ever going to get used to this strange feeling in my head.

When I have a good day it means I can do things in spite of the weirdness, I wonder if it will ever go away or if I will just learn to live with it?

It's been 2 years now, I can get on with things for the most part and I've learnt to stop trying to when I'm feeling really off, but I just feel sometimes that it's such an effort.

Sorry to whinge! I know I'm lucky and it could be so much worse, but I'm only human and like everyone else it'd be good to have my life back.

Still, another day has dawned and here I am, so I'll run the bath, get dressed, have breakfast and the sun is shining, I'm attributing the good days to that, so I must get out, I need some pasta so a walk to the shops is on the cards and pay the papers.

My husband is away at present, I sent him on holiday with my daughter for a week, cos he needed a rest, so that's probably not helped my mood, I'm feeling a bit lonely, he's back tomorrow so not long now.

Enough of this, up and at'em.

Thanks for reading

Take care Janet xxxx

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Oh Janet, it's hard work isn't it ? I've been reading through posts and thinking how much effort & determination it takes most of us to get through each day. Then I saw your post and I'd just been thinking similar thoughts about walking up to the shops so that's what I'll do after this. It's very tempting to use the car but I make myself walk up most days because, although it's painful, I always feel a small sense of achievement afterwards.

You'll probably be back by now so I hope you've enjoyed some sunshine, and tomorrow isn't far away ! ;-)

Lotsoflove, Eileen xxx


Thanks Eileen, we all try so hard all the time, but then I stop for a moment and it's crept up on me, I'm doing my outing in two parts I've paid the papers now it's the other way up the road for the pasta, but it is a beautiful day.

Just got some flowers by post from Rachel, really nice surprise, I'll walk with a spring in my step now

Thanks again xxxxx


Oh brilliant...........what a lovely 'pick me up'. Spring away Janet ! xx


glad to hear had some good days, the knowing when to stop is quite a useful skill isn't it.

I have been doing much longer hrs last few days and while i'm proud I managed it, my foot/ankle has some pritty colours now, I fell off the kerb a number of times today as I was over tired and my balance was worse. on the bright side its just my ankle and I didn't hit the floor more roll off the kerb and damage my foot.

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We have to keep doing more to see how far we can go. Rest up that ankle, it's ironing for me today!

Take care Janetxxx


Cherish the good days, they make the grim days worth battling through. I found in time that the more I battled through, the more frequent the good days became. Feel the sun shining, hear the birds twittering. Lovely stuff, and being around to enjoy those little things in life suddenly mean the world to me


Thanks Andy since I wrote that I've had 2 more, it's as you say, the more I battle through and ignore the weirdness I feel the more I can do, so roll on the rest of summer .

Janet xx


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