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After a good day

Due to responses to my last post" a good day". Well I suppose it was inevitable full of aches and pains , back leg and head not good. Also brain wont switch off tonight. Its not really a suprise and was half expecting this. Was it really worth it? That will be a big YESSSSSSS!!!!!!. Any good day is worth a month of bad ones in my book. Oh the best bit is my mood is still up so theres a big positive. If theres something you want to do and you feel up to it and its possible to do it then go ahead and stiff tommorrow. You would probably feel rough tommorrow anyway. Keep these ambitions reasonable though( I'll not be running marathons) but go for it. I may feel physical wrecked but not emotionally(yet). I know eventually my mood will drop , but it seems not today. Hope this adbice helps someone, after all its only took me 16 years to realise this. Bye for now.

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Seems you're a late-nighter like me Paxo. All your comments about 'At least we know we're alive when we feel pain' and 'Stuff tomorrow if we can enjoy today' are words after my own heart.

I was gardening yesterday with a vengeance (or like my neighbour put it 'Someone Possessed') and completely transformed the lawn, edges and borders in one fell swoop.

And today I've ached and creaked and winced, but it was so good looking through the window and seeing a lovely, well tended garden. And I have that unbeatable feeling of satisfaction.

We need to come up with a motto for this philosophy !! :-/ xx


Hi cat

My motto seems to alter every day. How about " do what you CAN do today because you never know what yet what you wont be able to do tomorrow" ...not much of a motto but it beats saying your a long time dead. I am wondering if I am finally accepting this new life I have or more importantly I am accepting I am not who I once was, if that makes sense. Its just I seem to be allowing myself to work with what my body and mind will allow on a day to day basis. This is a new concept for me but it seems to work. I still have the same problems and limits but I seem to accept them more. Think my wife has finally got through to me. I know now she was not criticising me nut try to get me to accept the new unimproved me. As for sleep yes I am a bit of a night owl but I find music seems to help me drift off. I woukd only advise this using cordless headphones. I learnt from experience any other sort can spell disaster. I really think being able to share experiences on here helps....well it seems to help me . All the best.


'Acceptance' ...........................that's the key to success in coping with brain injury.

So congratulations sir ; your prize is on its way and it consists of a more harmonious and satisfying existence than you've known this last 16 years.

And I suppose that your motto could be wittled down to that rather cavalier expression 'Live now, pay later' ??

Night Paxo. xx


Cat: acceptance: I try my best to deal with it but others keep piling impossible demands on me = THEY must accept me HOW I AM!

I keep trying to do it all but can't then coz WAY overdone it I fall to bits, cry, get despairing. But what can you do when there's NO help with any of it?


I'm in the process of moving worst nightmare for anyone but the positive thing is I have thrown so much stuff away and feel engerised by doing it :)) highly recommend anyone to de clutter it's only articles!!!!!

I have been on annual leave for 2 weeks and I decided half way through the second week that I was moving found a new apt on the Monday got the keys thurs not good timing as back at work Monday:(

The way I look at it is onwards and upwards as we say over here in Cyprus siga siga(slowly slowly) so doing it bit by bit with help of course.

My patience is a bit frazzled now as once I get a bee in my bonnet I want as of yesterday to be in settled:)

So not looking forward to going to work and then probably my head will be racing like I'm doing a bloody marathon !!!

Toodle loo speak soon off to finish packing:)


Hope all works out well in your new place m'dear.

Love Cat x


I had MASSIVE clear-out before I left the UK, SO proud - but also got rid of stuff I regret = shouldn't. That's the trouble now: never really sure of anything, some decisions OK (or think they are at time) others nigh impossible.

So what I've got left now is stuff I WANT to keep. Might be one or 2 clothes to go but not decided yet. Hoping for ONE DAY calm, peace then space in brain to think/decide.

And now TERRIFIED of becoming homeless again, I worry about that every day and I go all shaky and feel sick. Moved too often, so much lost, damaged/nicked, really HURTS when things I've taken care of all my life but others don't give a toss.

All the best.


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