Forgot about my head

Hello everyone, Jules here,

Hope your days been nice ish.

I am 'luckily' having a new shower room and a long awaited (with a door) 'office' of my own... but the builders are in my house (no room is safe).

To get away from the the noise and numerous people (i dont know) asking for coffees in all different orders (I cant remember) i joined my husband to go to the local tile shop to choose tiles - ended up in a melt down literally with my hands covering my head as the salesman tried to explain the hundreds of different colours of grey and the hundreds of different kinds of tile finish - i felt such a gibbering wreck. He just wouldnt leave it when i said which one i had already chosen from the internet pictures. I nearly said the usual 'i had a head injury a few years ago' but thought, nope, i am not going to any more.

Its sad people are not a little more tuned in to someone clearing struggling with so much information fired at them. I was so pleased to see my husband come back round the corner of the shop.

You know the only fuuny thing about it is when we got back in the car we both just looked at each other and he said 'dont worry, i wont take you back there again!'.

On the bright side, i did forget about how easily confused i can get - i had no hesitation in speaking to him alone - at first. I guess and am hoping its a good sign that i at least can forget how bad i can be.


PS: I got called away halfway through writing this to you and when i came back the builders were in this room too - guessing they read about me talking about them to you - ha ha !


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  • A storm of information can be draining can't it. A throng of builders can be even worse, I know, I used to be one after all.

    Now sod off and put the kettle on :)

  • I will renamed you 'The Cruel Baron Builder of Lincoln'



  • It's a bit 'Roald Dahl' isn't it :)

  • It all good! Sounds like it will all be nice when its done though.

  • As for Baron Von ex builder! Put your own kettle on! LOL

  • Bloody typical :)

  • LOL Just joking!

  • Hi Jules

    Well done for making it through the bombardment.

    These days I've decided that life is too short. It takes long enough to make such decisions in your own surroundings.

    It has happened once or twice and I am trying to just walk away but if they persist I almost scream "I've made my decision so stop trying to sell me stuff I don't want."

    Please don't put yourself down.

    You didn't get confused!!!!

    You were bombarded with information you didn't ask for or want.

    Love n hugs


  • Some people just like the sound of their own voices & opinions. But I agree it can be stomach churning when you're a captive (and solo) audience.

    But well done for persevering as far as you did Jules ; I'm sure it'll all seem worth it when you're luxuriating in your new shower room ! ;-) xxx

  • does it happen to you Cat ? how do you get out of it ?



  • It depends on the person I'm up against Jules. For example, if I just want some basic information and a salesperson decides to 'own' me and talk too much I can be pretty dismissive by edging away & saying "Thanks very much ; I'll come back to you if I need anything".

    And for someone who's really on a mission (or maybe commission) I've been known to just walk away with "Sorry I have to go".

    But in an inescapable situation, like a few weeks ago when I met with a financial advisor to discuss essential matters, I was overwhelmed with the young man's pace, and volume of information, so I raised my hand, and said "Sorry to interrupt but I have a brain injury, meaning I need more time to process what you're telling me." It went surprisingly well afterwards !

    Where a brain injury is causing a barrier in an important interaction, a little bit of modesty can take away all the stress............and no harm done ! xxx

  • I can't cope with facing too many choices. I had to leave b & q a while ago. I went for some paint and was overwhelmed by how many different shades of yellow there were, so came home empty handed.

    Good luck with the builders, we moved house last autumn and they keep coming and going. Sorting them out is another story.

    Love Sue x

  • Your not alone a know how it feels taking in information and making descisions a had a head injury aswell doesnt seem to get any easier.good luck with your renovations at your property🔨🔨

  • Hi Jules I'm new to the community and have read your post. You're so brave having builders in when you have problems dealing with noise.

    As for the salesman, my gosh, i don't know how you didn't hit him and I really sympathise.

    Hope the rest of the work is relatively noise and problem free.

    Rachel x

  • in my head i did 'reach out' to him !

    Welcome to the forum - its been wonderful to me.

    Warm regards

    Jules (hiding in the bedroom most of today !)


  • Hi Jules I hope the work is all.comong along now. I can relate to what you said as I myself have just moved this week. It's stressful for anyone I know but after a TBI it's tough. What you said about a meltdown from lots of information, i've also had it this week. As for feeling the need to tell people we have had a TBII I did it to both my new neighbours during my introduction! It wasn't necessary when I think about it now but it just came out. Not sure why it happens. You managed to stop yourself saying it though. I hope you can get through it to enjoy your new shower when completed. Take care xx

  • Hello Ro76

    it helps to know you did it recently too.

    I did start telling people about my head - i think i did it in an attempt to get them to go easy with me so i can join in - but they never did, they seem to forget you told them. So i am trying not to excuse my behaviour these days - bordering on maybe i will behave just as i see fit and they can lump it !

    much love - good to hear from you again.



  • Hi Jules.

    The curse of the salesman. To busy trying to get the sale that he forgets you have already made the decision to buy.

    I suppose I am luck I am a big scarey looking man . So when I ask them to SLOW DOWN they usually do. Little do they know inside I am a quivering wreck.

    As for builders well ....They can't all be bad..Can they.

    Good luck on the tile fron.


  • Good to have you back with us Pax.

    Love n hugs


  • Thanks random.

    I'll hopefully be back on here more regularly. ..Still got flu at moment ....A month is far to long so I am hoping it goes away soon.

    Hoping to be back more

    Pax xx

  • Just want to wish you well Pax. My daughter started with the flu virus two weeks ago and, though she's forced herself back to work, she still feels/looks/sounds really rotten.

    Hope you'll soon shake it off completely & build yourself back up with lots of home made soups & crusty bread ! Love Cat x

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