Everyday a repeat

Hi everyone, Just Jules here with a moan,

Everyday i sit down at home at my computer and try to design a simple leaflet - one for kids and one for adults (just about care of rabbits and guinea pigs) - should be so simple and so quick.

Everyday i tr again and everytime i do the same thing - sidetracked with a head that cant see the colours properly or decide where the text should go. Just dont seem able to do it for some reason.

I can gather the info needed the pictures and a box full of the colours i think i need and the text (i now have probably 50 files of different ideas, none of which have progressed to being compiled).

I really dont understand why i cant do it - i try and try, it doesnt happen. I try with short spurts and rest in between, and still nothing put together,

Does anyone else do this or have any advice. I really need the leaflets finished or i will be in trouble at work.

Fed up Jules


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  • Oh Jules, I used to have great planning skills but they're now in a mushy heap somewhere in my brain. At best, I can sympathise & hope you find a way to manage the project.

    Can your man offer any input later perhaps ? xxx

  • ahh thanks Cat, it did help just to hear that you would struggle with it too.

    Big mug coffee now and a roaring fire ready to look again at the last terrible mess and see if i can make it 'The One' !

    Will keep you infomed !

    Much love

    Jules (notgettingthere) - yet.

  • Be thinking of you Jules ! :-/ xx

  • I think it might be having lower concentration levels. Also confusion, if I have more than one thing to do I am all over place mentally. I actually find it difficult writing on my calendar what I am doing for this week. I've got a calendar in my bedroom and one in my kitchen and I spend ages getting them the same. All in pencil as I have to make a lot of amendments! I do not know how I ever had a job. I really struggled on the part-time basis work I did and being self-employed now I am my own boss. I don't get much done and it's all in a terrible mess :)

  • so similar to me. I started a second calendar and it is a nightmare - its much worse than having one - trying to keep them the same is impossible for me.

    I also went part time which i am still struggling with - aiming to work for myself as my husband does. It will be a mess too - but at least i will not feel i am letting the employer down. mess and a mash are good words to describe the work produced and how my hea feels !


  • Me too- I said 'terrible mess' I wrote it as I would say it- and when I read the other replies, I saw you had already said that term in reply to cat! We must feel exactly the same!!! I was so sick of my messy calendars the last few years (only just thought to use a pencil). But I've created a bigger problem having 2- it was supposed to help me!!

    My son is listening to pingu on the lap-top which drives me mad. I wish I could have some silence, feel so exhausted!

  • Hello Aqua, Jules here.

    You are probably asleep - but guess you will pick it up next day or so.

    Cant sleep and just read your reply - noise is one of my biggest problems - its why i moved my laptop into the shower room - so i could close the door somewhere for silence.

    Its ok unless i am concentrating (or its that violent metalica 'music'). If the noise goes on and on it has often ended badly for anybody and anything in my view - other times it makes me want to pack a bag and leave everything behind. I struggled for ages but no have a decent pair ear plugs and over the head ear defenders. Sometimes thou i find myself listening to see if i can still hear anything and cant work.

    Noise and trying to live with it makes me very tired. But, if a favourite rock song comes on the radio i will blast it and enjoy it. Odd aint it !

    Much love

    Sleepless Jules


  • Noise. I hate outside noise and it's hell living in a flat listening to other people- I hate it! Hope to move into a house soon.

    I'm using ear plugs again at night as my son is 3 and a half so I don't need to run into his room if he cries, he just comes and wakes me up! I never get more than a few hours sleep anyway. which is a massive problem, probably my biggest as I've only had a few full nights sleep since pregnancy. Hopefully when he starts school in September I will sleep. In a house- can't wait! I am a total hypocrite as I love turning up the radio and singing when I am washing up or cooking. My neighbours all think I am mental I am sure.

  • Hello Aqua, Jules here

    I dont have children (which i know from both my sisters kids can be noisy) and i am lucky enough to live in our own house with super quiet neighbors. Even the shower room that is being built for me has a new 'quiet' office built on the side, again, just for me..... I feel spoilt now. But, i have not long finished a 5 year legal case to get funding for these things - they will help my recovery, but the legal case was nasty and trod on what was left of 'me' after the crash, so it feels all wrong somehow).

    Sleep i think will always be a problem for me now - sleepless for 6 years its habbit forming and ingrained in me i think.

    wishing you a peaceful day



  • Thank you. Today is going well. Legal business is always horrible- a good thing you got what you wanted. Even if it feels exhausting now, in the long run you will definitely benefit and as time goes on, it does heal.

    I remember after my coma I thought I would never need sleep again- 'life's too short' I used to say. Now I'm in my 30's I don't feel the same :)

  • I was 44 at the time - now 51 years old.

    What i have noticed the last few years is how many of my childhood heroes have passed away - people like Mr Spok and David Bowie. Recently a fellow biker who i had admired and had a secret crush on.

    I know its part of life that, when you get older, so does everyone else - and this will happen around me more than when i was young. But it seemed to have a succession of people 'leaving' who meant something to me during a short space of time.

    On a lighter note (sort of) sadly, we also lost Dracula Mr Christopher Lee (another of my childhood heroes). I found out the the surgeon who operated on my back was a Mr C Lee - his first name actually was Christopher !



  • Wow you are only 7 years after your accident, 7 years after mine was was the lowest point of my entire life. Emotionally I just carried on as normal but looking back I was living in a very dark place in my mind and living arrangements and social circles were the strangest I have ever had! I'm just telling you this as I am a completely different person to that 23 year old and my brain has improved dramatically!!!

  • Jules my OT encouraged me to break any task into smaller parts.

    If it helps at all here is a rough breakdown.

    Front page picture

    What to feed your guinea pig/rabbit.

    Handling rules.

    What bedding to use.

    How to clean the animal or hut.

    Things to look out for.

    When to see a vet.

    Back page contact information for local vets or another animal charities.

    Hope this helps you could do this on 2 sheets of A4 folded to give you 8 pages of A5.

    Love n hugs


  • Jules

    Just had a thought instead of trying to do it on the computer why not play about with collage.

    Just make one and ask someone you trust what they think of it. They can help you to adjust the layout or colours.


  • Hi Oxo, Jules here,

    I am going to try that idea without the computer - but i am just going to try and draw the layout on paper (great idea, thank you). It will be interesting to see what happens.

    One of the problems i have is they both have to be on a A5 sheet (thats a lot info for small place - especially when i wanted to use more pictures and not cram it with boring text for the kids - but i still have to get the important facts across). I have both sides of an A5 sheet to use, one A5 for the rabbit and another A5 sheet (both sides) for the piggy.

    I am finding it difficult to decide what info to keep/what to leave out. But he leaflets they will replace are rubbish, so it should be easy right ?!

    Will let you know how i do.

    Nite nite Oxo



  • I hope you get better.

  • I know the problem I stick to gardening now a lot easier and relaxing

  • Hello Spartan, were you ever able to complete one of the tasks - i mean, if i keep trying do you think i might - or did it not work in the end for you ?

    I know everyone is different, i just wondered what happened to others



  • the only tasks I complete are in my workshop anything on computer or on paper I very rare complete

    was going to write down my life, my injury brought back things in my memory in great detail bought all the writing materials they are still there in the office

    maybe one day???????????????????

  • Another thought Jules

    If you choose the paper and collage...

    Do it on A4 . You can always scan it and reduce it to A5.

    Love n hugs


  • Oh Jules, if you talk to a famous author or even just someone who writes for a local newssheet they will all tell you that they have times when they have a mental block and just cannot manage to write anything. How many people write a major best-seller and then take years to write another (think 'To Kill a Mocking Bird'). You are hampered by your bi but these things happen to others as well. Give yourself a rest for a few days, you'll get there eventually. (I'd offer to help you but don't think my descriptions of how to look after pets would ensure their wellbeing).

    Lots of luck. Jan

  • that made me giggle Jan - thank you



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