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Can i do it

Hello everyone, jules here.

I have caused some things to change in the near future and am now more than a little worried i shouldn't have meddled.

As you know i am still working for the same employer i have been for 26/7 years. No longer in the same capacity to pr accident thou (i am now min wage and part-time from home). I think it was my previous length of service and a general 'feel sorry for her' thing that kept my employment going since the crash (6 years ago).

I haven't been able to produce any work for work for months (maybe a` year now). I try and try until i feel sick, but just go around in circles. So, time must be coming where someone questions if my employment should continue. Me included, i am riddled with guilt.

My employer is a private charity and they have just opened a second new shop nearby me. Its a charity shop just selling the usual stuff like clothes and things I think.

The reason i am telling you this is I sent an email yesterday to work to say my work is nearly ready for them (i lied, i have nothing to give them yet). Then in the second paragraph i said ' when you pick this work up i will be hounding you for more little admin jobs i can do at home for you' - then continued 'you dont need anyone to work in your new shop do you?'.

To my surprise they said they would like me to work from there if i felt up to it and can i tell them how many hours and what days.

I replied and said thats fantastic .

What have i done ! I only did it because i am so worried i will loose my job when they eventually find out i cant produce the work i am supposed to.

I rarely go out of the house now and am still negotiating with dvlc to get my driving license back. I am worried now that there will not be work there that i can do - there must be mustn't there ?

Have i made a big mistake or was it good i made a change ?




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Hello Jules

Good for you - you don't know until you try. I think you have made a brave step and you can only do the best you can, which sounds as though you mean to do. I can only say go with it and see what happens. Best of luck. Clare

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I will say this much Jules you don't believe in baby steps do you?

It is as good a way as any to break the routine that has been getting nowhere for the past year.

Something you might like to think about .....its not uncommon for people to have very different skills or abilities after a brain injury.

I am confident that you can make this change and that it can be good for you.

I guess that you wouldn't be alone in this shop.

No matter what happens with it you will have that new experience and can build on it in the future.

Love n hugs



got that oxo mate




You are the only one who does.


You can only do what you know you can do. You clearly like working in whatever capacity for your employer and they are also obviously quite content to employ you throughout your struggles. Do what you can and NO more. Take your time and only you'll will know your limits.

Best wishes, good luck



Hi Jules.

You have worked for your employer for a very long time. In your own words, they've kept you as a member of staff since your accident, even though you don't feel you're working the same way as before your accident. That says something - it says that they value you a great deal. Then you say you've emailed to tell them you'd like some different duties.......and they reply to say 'fantastic, we look forward to seeing you'. That also implies that they really support your return to the workplace and are delighted with your progress.

You've given them 26/7 years, probably working at way above full capacity. In recognition of this, it seems that your employer is very happy to still have you, even if, as you say, things are different. I don't know the circumstances, but it seems to be about balance. They've had 26 years of your best efforts.....now they're happy for you to work at perhaps a lesser capacity while you recover. And it seems really wish to support you and have you as a member of staff. What a compliment :)

The only way too find out if you'd enjoy the different role is to go and try. What's the worst that could happen? You might have to say sorry it's not working out, and return to your present role. Maybe it's time to gee it a go?

The success will depend on getting it right before you start, getting appropriate support in place and 'trying out' / testing the water in short days / reduced hours until you decide if it's for you. Good luck, and well done for keeping going with it so far. Wishing you all the best whatever you decide to do.


Go for it..............think it would be great for you.......depends I guess how many hours they would want you to do, so you don't get too tired. You know, I love charity shops......,they always have such very nice people in them. Also, ,you,ve mentioned, before that's is sometimes quite difficult to get the things you do into work..........this could lower the ptressure somewhat.

I think it's a Great idea,........any way, I think you should at least try it........

And see how it goes.



Oh that made me laugh Jules as I would have probably done the exact same, said something to make me sound like I can manage then take a massive panic afterwards!

Just go for it, no point in not trying and it will def get you out of the house....you might see a huge difference in yourself if you do!

Best wishes in the new adventure!! xx

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Go for it Jules. As already said, your employers obviously think highly of you & want to keep you in whatever capacity suits you best.

Best of luck, will be rooting for you x

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Jules, you are a fabulous person. A charity shop would be a great place for someone with your empathy. Give it a go, if you can't do it, you have lost nothing but everything is worth trying.


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