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Hi all

I'm new to here just joined today, I'm recovering from a head injury I got from a waltzer back in September which has lead to post concussion syndrome and some major balance xnd vertigo issues which have comply mucked up my life and that of my husband and 2 children.

Before I knew about headway I started writing a daily blog recently once I felt able to because I felt that although people sympathised in the beginning they had started to forget how much pain and how difficult it is just to get through a pretty basic day.

I didn't only start the blog for my family and friends but hoped that it might help others with a similar invisible illness realise they aren't alone because I was certainly feeling like no one understood really what was going on and I didn't want to sound like I just moaned all the time.

It's also very helpful for me to write and I always try to find a positive or a learning experience in each blog entry as that's really helped me to stay focused and not become consumed by depression on top of everything thing else which could be quite easy.

If you would like to check it out please go to and click on the pages tab to find the diary entry titles, thanks guys xxx

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  • Hello there and welcome. not long here myself .

    Thank you for the blog... it helps to read other experieces. I am so very sorry though that you went through such a terrible time.

    i hope that your christmas is a good one as can be in the circumstances and better things to come for you next year. x

  • Hi

    Thanks for the message and for taking the time to check it out, it's still a work in progress and every time I read it back I find more typos lol.

    Definitely helps me to write it though and to look for the positives in every day no matter how small they are.

    Hope you also have a lovely Christmas. 😀

  • Sometimes I wish I had kept a log of how I felt at the time.

    I try to think back 5 years and I know I was in a lot of pain and discomfort at the time but recall not a lot

  • Nice blog, much of the experiences I can relate to.

    I wrote some blog posts and found it useful to copy & paste them into posts here so they get a wider audience and people can comment on them.

    Good luck with the recovery, can't believe that happened on a fairground ride (is it not tempting to take legal action?), don't rush it as it'll happen at its own pace. Keep yourself healthy and happy.

  • Cheers jr yes that's good advice tbh I'm a little apprehensive about keep trying to attract people to it I am hoping it will help people relate but scared others may judge badly but it's helpful to me and my Drs as I have a total lack of personal perspective esp when I'm on a good day I almost blank out how ill I am on a good day and do silly things like say I'm well enough to go back to work or try to book a day trip or holiday up that are completely unacheivable ATM but I honestly just don't see it at the time.

    Yer we didn't really want to think it could have all been caused by going on a waltzer until a few Drs and neurologist said that repeatedly hitting your head whilst spinning in different directions was no different that being in a car crash- I'm def never going on a waltzer again that's for sure!

    How r u doing?

  • Hi. I have just found out about this site, and your trauma sounds much like mine. I'm an outdoorsy sort of person, my passion is surfing, swimming, canoeing, anything watery. It has been 9 months since I have been into the water for any sport except therapy - and the frustration is too much to put up with most of the time, and the waiting to feel better is horrible. It was the surfing and taking a roll that broke my head !! How are you doing? Are you coping now, and if so what is the secret? I have really hadenough and just want my life back now

  • Hiya It's awful isn't it!!! I think it's even more frustrating if your used to being really active I've gone from a full-time working mum of two that was always in the go and planning charity and school events in my 'spare' time to using all my effort just to be driven out to a coffee shop.

    Ive also recently been diagnosed with having damaged my balance centre in my brain by the spinning of the waltzer so am hopeful that the new specialist physio will be able to give me some excersizes next week to speed up my recovery.

    I'm currently around 4 months into my recovery and a consultant I saw last week seems to think it will be another 3-6 months before I can get my life back on track.

    In the meantime I've been advised to live like a cave woman so no TVs, computers, driving, loud noises, flashing lights, limited phone use (the smaller the screen the easier for the brain to understand it) but to try and be as active as possible without overdoing it which is harder than most people realise when you don't necessarily feel the pain and headache straight away it is normally the following morning or several hours later.

    Anyway enough of my venting how are you coping and what have the Drs advised you to do/not do and do you think any of it is helping?

  • Hey, thanks for getting back. No real diagnosis for me, so frustrating, little visible signs of damage -how on earth did they diagnose the damage to your balance centre (I'm not really sure what that is, or where it is?) Sounds like you got lucky with a Doctor.

    I seem able to do very little - lost my job as they couldn't wait any longer, and didn't have sick pay as not been with them long. I used to travel alot, finding good (and warm) surf places, so my work is usually not long term. But now I have no job, and no way really of having any fun so its all pretty grim - some days just stay in bed!

    Sounds like you don't have a job, full-time Mum and charity stuff - so at least no job to worry about. Its all extra pressure when you feel like your letting down work as well as your friends and family - its been so hard


  • Hiya Surfer Chick

    The balance centre is the part of your brain that interprets signals from your eyes and ears and what tells you if you standing up or sitting down to do with the vestibular system. We had to pay private to see the best local consultant recommended by our gp surgery and they did some tests which said that's what it was being affected and so will be starting a specialist rehabilitation program next week with a balance specialist physio.

    If your able to go and see a private consultant it cost us around £250 but it will hopefully get me back to work quicker with a more accurate diagnosis so will be worth paying out if it means I get to keep my job which unfortunately is mostly computer and event coordination based so all the things I'm currently not allowed to do grrr!

    Sorry that's my brain fog still kicking in a bit in my last message I meant that I was working full time, plus a mum of two primary aged children and helped organise charity events and school events in my spare time. We were a really active family for example our last holiday was to Wales where we did mountain walking and climbing etc.

    Hope you recover soon if I'm given any good tips next week I'll try to post them on here if I remember xxx

  • So it looks as if it pays to go private - I have heard this so many times. Are you getting the physio on the NHS, or have they washed your hands of your problem now?

    You're so lucky to have the goal of getting back to work as well as getting better for family and friends. I don't feel like I have that end goal and that makes it harder than ever to stay positive. I can't quite get my head round your headsaaches catching up with you later - mine seems to hurt as soon as I rattle it in any way - but then all things will be different depending on the cause/outcomes for different peoples I suppose.

    Its lovely to hear that you have a real support team around you, and I hope its helping your recovery a bit. I think we're in for a long hail from what I can make out.

    Any tips from your physio would be great -thank you.

  • Hi. Are you OK? Hope all is alright?

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