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Hello to anyone awake still, Jules here.

I went to Wallsend a few nights ago because on line it said that Healthunlock have brain injury 'meet ups/social evenings' once a week every Tuesday 6 - 8 pm. Well my husband went for me as a scout to check to see if it is something I can do. He came back and said it was a brain injury Home and the lady there said there hadn't been a meeting there in a long time. So pleased I didn't try to go by myself, it would have thrown mw off course. I live in Newcastle and it said this was the North East one, apart from once a month when its held at Walkergate hospital (which is ok as I know the hospital).

Someone on the forum here told me about the meetings but I have forgotten what was said, so sorry.

Its sad because its taken a long time to consider leaving the house to meet people in an environment like that - does anyone know where and when there is a brain meeting fir Newcastle, or are they all just on Tuesdays at Walkergate now ?




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  • Hi Jules :) that's a shame - I don't know the answer I'm afrayd , but your community neuro team may know of something. I hope you find something - it's not easy. Glad you've made the step to consider getting out socially - such a big decision - well done. Good luck with your search xx

  • Good morning, Eleanor : ) x

  • Morning :) Thought I'd set off to firm an orderly queue at the polling station, or perhaps join in with the dawn chorus which is deafening outside my window :)

  • The birds started here at 3.48 this morning ! I'm sat watching Robot Wars on the Challenge channel as a result ! I used to watch this a lot with my son when he was little - I'm actually quite enjoying the nostalgia : ) Have a good day : ) x

  • Ha ;) robot wars - that brings back memories :) My son loved it as well - life was simple then ;) I've just listened to a radio four Dead Ringers episode about the referendum - sooo funny - like a cast of Rory Bremners all making fun of the current goings on in politics...,,.i needed something cheerful - that did the trick :) Enjoy your day as well. x :)

  • Hiya Jules,

    The Headway website says that meetings are at Walkergate Park Hospital, every Tuesday evening from 6 until 8 PM. Please click on link :

    There is a telephone number to ring or an email on the page, if you want to make doubly sure that the info is correct. Let us know how it goes : )

    Angela x

  • Hi Jules, do hope you find a meeting, we go to one here in Sussex and it is really good to be able to chat with others who really understand the issues around BI.

    Good luck.


  • Where in Sussex please Jan

    : )

    Thank you ...

  • Hello Jan

    Angelite has found it, its at WEalkergate on Tuesdays.

    Do you find you get more from speaking to fellow Tbi peopel or the experts in Tbi at the groups ? Are there experts there at yours or is it Tbi people alone ?



  • I find speaking to fellow Brain Injury folks I get the most to be honest, clearly we are all different causes and levels of disablities, but it's the same church as you where.

    On way to my local headway meeting as I type which would of made me motion sick before!

  • Hi there Roger, Jules here,

    Can i be cheeky and ask you to tell me what you did at your meeting tonight ? It would give me an idea of if its going to maybe something I can do. I am assuming you go as someone with a Bi rather than someone giving support from Headway ?

    I get more from talking to fellows with a head injury than the experts, definitely less guarded with my feelings.

    Anyway, if you would rather keep the meeting as a private matter for you i will understand, hope it was good.

    Kind regards


  • I've been going for apparently a year or so.

    There is normally a facilitator ie headway staff, plus one maybe two volunteers. There normally is topic which the group loosely sticks too, we also have the odd meal out.

    Clearly sometimes the topic really hits home and other times it may not ring true for ones self but be intresting never the less.

    I look forward too and enjoy the groups I don't see other folks like myself but here so for want of a better term its kinship.

  • Kinship, yes - good description.


  • i go to to one in sussex too jan

  • We go to Hailsham , third Wednesday in the month at 7.30 but I think there are other meetings in Eastbourne too. Give Headway in Newick a ring and they will tell you all of them. Hope you find them valuable.


  • Hi Jules, At Hailsham we usually have two people from Headway and a variety of BI people and their families. The chat is about everything, both from the experts and the visitors. We talk about peoples problems, how others cope, relationships, etc. (plus lovely home made cake).


  • Hi Jan

    Are people asked to talk about themselves in front of people ?


  • The facilitators are in my experience, don't put people on the spot unless it's folks they know very well.

  • thanks roger


  • Hi Jules,

    The first time we went, everyone there gave a very short intro to why they were there, just to introduce themselves to us (I am..... and I had a car accident...etc). Apart from that it was just all general chat unless people wanted to talk about a specific problem they wanted advice on.


  • Hi jan

    Oh dear, thats exactly what i hoped they wouldnt do.

    I am not ready to be with people i dont know and in passing say what happened. Now, if i do go and i dont answer when it comes to my turn everybody will think i am rude.

    I think i will just stick to this forum, no body hassles you, its just chat if you want to.

    Suns out here whats it like where you are Jan ?




  • Oh Jules, don't worry. There were some people at our group who did not want to talk about themselves. No-one minds, everyone is in the same boat, they understand how it is.

    Yes, our sun is out but clouds coming our way. Can't possibly rain any more, we have had torrential downpours. Everything is waterlogged ....BUT I did see the council workers watering the hanging baskets in the town this morning!!

  • ahh yes, the down pour has just hit here as we speak - quite tropical.

  • No rain here now, wall-to-wall sunshine and 20 degrees.

  • Hi exhausted, when the meeting in Hailsham? I need to bring my wife.

    Found my meeting schedule so no worries.

  • 3rd Wednesday in the month, 7.30. It's at Diplocks Hall which is an awful place to find, we have to rely on the satnav each time.

  • Hi Jules. Look on line for Headway the brain injury assosciation.their hq is nottingham they have a helpline no to ring im pretty sure there is a Headway branch in Newcastle.

    Benfield community centre Benfield rd.look up there details for times days etc. When you finally make contact you will be made most welcome at ease .i myself volunteer with Headway Lincolnshire.I was in a bad rta.age 19 the Drs at Newcastle General patched all my broken bones up stitched n fixed bits n more waist length hair was cut off i hsd stitches round my L eye. Then in a big circle up over my brow in the middle of my forhead bacj down round my head to join up at the corner of my eye. Unfortunately there was not a lot of interest in brain injury at that time, they had cleared the glass out so they thought .i had been in a coma over six the time i was concious and could talk though i didnt get the date right me mum had to show me the journal it was near xmas me rta was begining of october.i had to learn to walk again coz of the breaks n length of time since i had done.there is too much to continue suffice after 34years stumbling not being right but not seeming to be wrong i finally get a neurology app. Diagnosed t b i but because it was so long ago n i had coped there was little they could do. Cognitive therapy not much good i get introduced to Headway in Lincoln (thats where I ended up living) nobody knew me i was just known as being awkward or difficult even though i was intelligent. Then the lights went on I could relate to these other people they knew what i wad on anout and i got what they were saying. We were all different but at the same time we were as one.i never looked back.i learned to understand and having experienced tbi I do my best to help other sufferers along with their families and friends to come to terms with the person they lost and how to appreciate the one who has taken their place. It is a long haul .god bless and good luck my friend .

    Love Hilary x

  • Hello there Hilary

    Oh what a time you have had of it. Bless you for helping fellow tbi sufferers.

    It is a long road isnt it. But someone once said to me 'its a humbling experience' and it is, but its also a totally new and mostly unfriendly world.

    Headway and Healthunlock has been my Savior, the people here have kept me going - people like you.

    At the end of the day, you are right (and its mirrored in the words of all other tbi people) that the person has gone and that is an unthinkable thing to be asked to accept, for anyone.

    Thanks for the info on the meetings - and i send you kind regards

    Take care of yourself Hilary



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