Me and all my family i delighted to see my dad in rehab today the staff made my dad and all of my family feel so welcome and i could see good things happening everywhere. It has raised my expectations and today is the start of my dads NEW LIFE! even thow there is a very long and difficult road ahead im so glad this is happening as my dad gets this chance for a better life i hope so.

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  • Great news! Best wishes for your dad making good progress in Rehab.

  • Oh Ansell that is really good news.

    Send your dad best wishes for making the most of his time in rehab.

    Love n hugs


  • Your post is so uplifting Ansell. This is certainly one of those 'feel-good' moments isn't it. Thanks for sharing & hope there are many more to come ! xx

  • Wonderful news! Glad to hear things are looking and feeling more positive for you all x

  • I am grateful for the time I spent in rehab following my SAH. I hope your dad will benefit too, I'm sure he will.

  • Wish you and your dad best wishes 😊X

  • Fantasitc! good luck to your Dad.

  • That's great news, he seems like a fighter. XXxX


  • This is wonderful to hear! Rehab is a great next step to continued recovery!

  • Great news!

  • Great news! X

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