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It's been nearly 3 weeks out of my dad (57) coma now and he was on the acute ward for last nearly 2 weeks his progress on the acute ward has been very slow and very difficult as the only communication for my dad is for me n my family to try and lip read as he has traccy on and his swollowing is not working as he has some movement with his right hand he can aslo answer questions by pressing his hand on mine. Even thow his inprovments with his right arm and hand seem minimal but looking back im very greatfull as could lead to greater inprovment so im trying to stay positive! UNFORTUNATELY today he was moved back to intensive care as he haz a blood infection called SEPTIS which has really knocked him back in a big way! Ive just left the hospital as visiting finished at 8pm but was told this morning that my dad could well get organ failure or heart problems and prepare for the worst! Which we had to also PREPARE for the worst 3 weeks ago when we was told that the professors did not expect my dad to wake up at all out of coma AND HE DID! Also told he would have no vision but he has! so next 24 HOURS are going to be hard for my dad for sure. He has been on the correct antibiotics and his blood pressure and heart rate r exceptable for now my dad said WHY ME which i read lipped and i was DEVERSTATED as i dont know why him! It kills me to think my dads world has ended for him right now and i cant blame him for being DOWN as i can personally see the HURT! just by looking into his eyes. But i told him THANK YOU dad for fighting through all this as everyone doing there bit including you DAD !

We was told this would be a roller coaster and they wad right about that!!

I hope to post a better post on my dad VERY SOON !!!

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My heart goes out to you and your family Ansell, I can only imagine the trauma you are going through!

I too fell while/after scaling a ladder so I have empathy with you, your family and fathers plight! Please keep us informed of his progress. I only know from my families account as I have no memory of three months post accident, but I am sure they would say you are in for a very testing few months. Stay strong, my family had a massive role to play in my recovery, and I owe them a massive debt. Use social services and make a friend of you local Headway Charity headway.org.uk/

Best of luck to you all, and as I say keep in touch. Neal

Hi, keep strong. It's a very rocky road. When your dad is through this setback, get him an iPod if he doesn't already have one, put some audio books on it and his favourite music to try to keep him stimulated between visits.

I used to watch endless tv and DVDs too, just for the stimulation, most of it I couldn't make sense of or remember afterwards.

Take care, love Janet xx

I'm so very sorry to hear of this latest development. Obviously Sepsis is very serious, but so long as it's treated immediately there's every chance of a full recovery.

I do hope your dad, aided by the appropriate meds, will fight his way through this challenge to continue with his rehabilitation, and ultimately to a decent quality of life.

My thoughts are with you all ; please keep us updated Gareth. All best wishes, Cat xx

I can relate how your feeling at the moment My hubby was blue lighted to hospital with Sepsis from a urine tract infection recently He spent 2 months in hospital but his now back home I have been in this touch and go position about 4 times since my husands brain injury Please stay strong give your Dad lots of positive love and yourself a pat on the back as it's very upsetting being the visitor x

Hi - your story sounds very similar to mine - except I'm a year on with my dad ..... 3 times we were told to expect the worst outcome - once was we are turning the machines off tomorrow the EEG (measures brain activity) has shown minimal results.

A year later my dad is walking talking fully independent and working 10hours a week at his old job. He has issues sure emtiomal , impulsive constantly tired but he is not the vegetable we were told was our best hope.

My advice - keep a diary write down everything that happens each day everything that is said every little improvement

Don't let consultants bully you - make sure they have a solid argument that their opinions are based on.

Sepsis is not a great complication to get but it's not unbeatable it totally depends on what reserves your dads body has left.

As hard as it is to watch stay strong a focused , thankfully he will be unlikely to remember any of this my dads first real memories of his time in hospital are 7 weeks after he had been there

Make sure he is under a neuro consultant also (they know the brain so much better)

Hope this post gives you a bit of hope, Drs are not always right and whether we like it or not intensive care beds cost a lot of money and are always full

Good luck x


Oh Ansell, how very upsetting for you all. For your father to have fought so hard and then to get sepsis is heartbreaking. It is such a horrid infection. Do keep yourself strong, you will need every bit of strength to cope with the next few months of his recovery. It takes a long time for the brain to recover from an injury like his, without the added complications of sepsis. My thoughts are with you all.

thinking of you Ansell went through this with my son-in-law some time ago and he has made a good recovery so lets pray that all comes good for your dad.

Ansell1980 in reply to Jim_had

Its great to hear your son in law has made a good recovery as it gives me the hope i need. I wish your son in law further progress for sure.

Thinking of you ansell and your dear Dad...xxxx

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