Well today at about 2 pm we was told my dads KIDNEYS was not working and my dads heart rate was really fast and he needs oxigen. They was not going to do cpr and shock his heart as would be to bad for that also they decided and told us that they would not do dialysis! The next 4 hours would be critical we was told and EXPECT THE WORST!! (again for the 3rd time) so the priest came up to say last prays for my dad. My dad is totally unconscious with no movement so not sure if he could hear? But i hoped so!! At about 4pm the main doctor asked to see us all again to inform us that they have had a big meeting and just now found a bug on his chest. Therfore they would be doing DIALYSISA taking into consideration of the professors report of MAJOR NURO IMPROVEMENT regarding his communication levels as on report shows he was smiling or laughing to nurses jokes ect. Also the NEW BUG they just found right then as now deemed POSSIBLE that his kidney failure could be as new bug only just been discovered and CORRECT ANTIBIOTICS have now been given so his body is still battling his SEPSIS SO WE NOT JUST GOTTA WAIT N SEE WOT HAPPENS ???????? i would appreciate any info on the HAEMODIALYSIS as thats wot they said it was but i just thought same as dialysis ?????

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  • All I know is that there are two methods of dialysis ; one is Peritoneal where the tube in inserted into the abdomen to filter the blood, and the other is Haemodialysis where the tube goes into the arm to a mechanical filter then back into the arm again to deliver the purified blood.

    It's a 3 or 4 hour session which is usually repeated 3 times per week. I only hope that the combination of the right antibiotics and the dialysis will work really fast in flushing out the nasty infection which brought your dad down so suddenly.

    It's a horrible time for you all Gareth, but identifying the issue is often the sticking point, so at least the consultant has taken control of the situation and the right procedures are in place. It might take a couple of days or more, but I hope you'll see some improvement before the end of the week.

    I feel for you all so much ! Please update us when you can ; meanwhile I'll be thinking of you. Love Cat x

  • Hi cat. Thanks for your reply. Im up the hospital now and can confirm it is the HAEMODIALYSIS he is on and i have been told will take a few days to see if its working and helping the antibiotics for the bug on his chest have not been in him for long so again it seems a waiting game to see if thats works. Do you know if the form of dialysis my dads on will be long term or not please ? Sorry to ask you questions as i know you very bussy helping everyone you possibly can while dealing with your own problems

  • The nursing staff will be taking regular samples of blood & urine to test for infection, and until the samples are clear the dialysis will probably continue.

    So it's all down to how quickly the antibiotics do their job. It could be another week or so ? But even the doctors can't be sure how long an infection will last ; there are so many different strains.

    Hang onto Gareth, in the knowledge that the staff now have identified and taken control of the problem with the appropriate measures. It's another time for 'wait & see' I'm afraid ; and we're waiting here with you m'love. xx

  • What a rapid fire set of shocks and glimmers of hope! You must be emotionally exhausted. I am happy to see that there is a lot of action being taken so that your father gets every reasonable chance at recovery. Wishing both of you the very best outcomes.

  • I just want to agree with everything Cat says .

    I can't think of anything to add.

    Love n hugs


  • Oh dear, what a lot of turmoil....one thing then another! Poor you! Fingers crossed that your dad is on the right track now! Best wishes to you. xx

  • Hope your dad improves now he is on the right treatment. Positive that they are taking the consultant's reports seriously. Keep up doing what you are doing and being there for him. xxx

  • Low blood pressure is the result of having very high temperatures from the sepsis. Your dads blood pressure/ arterial pressure is perhaps not high enough to force the blood through the kidneys, even with the support of drugs. More often than not they use a system called haemodyalysis in intensive care. It basically involves feeding the blood through a filter machine for a few hours and removing the impurities. He may or may not need this long term depending upon how his kidney function picks up after the sepsis is treated.

    They can also use peritoneal dyalysis (CAPD)where they put dyalisis fluid in through a tube in the belly. there fluid acts as a rinsing agent, a few litres stay in for a few hours then it is drained off along with the impurities.

    It can take many weeks or even months to treat sepsis. Treatments include cooling the patient or heating them as sometimes the temp is very high or very low. Giving antibiotics intravenously....using inotropes and other drugs to increase the blood pressure.....and of course renal dyalysis if the person is in acute renal failure.they are often ventilated due to oxygen requirements.

    Having a family member in intensive care can be really difficult for families.while people are very unwell with sepsis. They can only remedy events as they occur. It is often hard to see what the outcome will be. It sounds like they are giving your dad the proper treatment for his condition. Don't be afraid to ask the nurses to explain what is going on with your dad and what all the machines are for. You can also have a wee chat with them and explain how you are feeling . It's only human, that you are worried about your dad. Sometimes it helps to have somebody to talk to about everything.

    I hope your dads condition improves soon and that you get the support you need.

    All the best

  • Thanks for all the info as i feel better to have an understanding especially in text so i can read many times. As doctors info seems confusing and also hard to obsorb while being in this pressure cooker

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