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My dad

Hi iam new to this site my brother told me about it has he has just founded out about it, he is also on here to.

My dad is in hospital at the moment after having a fall at work fell of a ladder, he had a operation at the weekend to release the pressure on is brain.

All the family are coming to terms with this happening think we are all dealing with it in different ways.

I miss my dad I know that everyone else does and that my mum is missing her husband, I just feel a bit lost with out him, I know he's in the best place and the hospital is doing the best that can.

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Hi Lesley


Ask questions, have a rant, bring your worries and fears....a great gang here with lots of knowledge and experience to guide you.

Praying for health and wholeness for your dad, and strength and courage for your family, whilst you make it through this ordeal x

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Hi, it's really early days for your dad, and things do take a while. My husband had a sub arachnoid haemorrhage and over a three week period I was told so many different things about what he might be like when he recovered.

Three years on and we have accepted the changes, which are better than lots of the possibilities we were told. He has had to relearn how to do things and has required patience, persistence and support from me all the way. Because he is as determined as me he has continually tried to do things, we have had a huge number of laughs and I have had the same number of tears.

Together as a family we have come through but when he was in hospital in those early days life seemed very black indeed. Books and leaflets from Headway have helped tremendously over the years, some of them were useful reading for me during the early period too.

Everyone here is so supportive and willing to offer suggestions too. Thinking of you and your family, hang in there. X


Welcome to the site!

Please check and see if you have a Headway near you. It will be invaluable for all of you, as they offer a Support Group, which you will be welcome at.

My sister joined, and she has been so wonderful with her treatment of me, and my progress!

Good luck, and I pray he recovers well.


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Hi Lesley

I'm pretty sure that some of us will have told your brother that you all need to get as much rest as you can while your dad is in hospital.

No one can tell you what the future holds but all I can say is that with the will to improve, the right guidance from therapists and the support and patience of your family there is hope.

Thinking of you all and sending a few big bear hugs.



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It's good that you and your brother are seeking support. As you'll have gathered by now, the watchword is patience ; brain injury heals so slowly that it's unnoticeable at first.

I prefer to think of it as invisible, because it's happening minute by minute ; we just can't see it.

Stay with us Lesley and, as your dad starts to improve, we can help you understand the different stages of his progress.

My sincere best wishes to all of you at this very challenging time. Cat x


lesley lew welcome need somewhere to blow your top and heres a place to do it!!!

theres peeps on here from both sides who can share their experiences give reassrance or just offer an ear for you to bend!!!!


Hi Lesley,

You are in the right place for bags of good advice. Im really sorry to here about your dad and my hart goes out to you and your family.


Poor you and poor dad! what type of injury did he have? Bruising/bleeding on the brain? It's a tough one, hon but it's going to take lots of time and lots of patience. When your dad is recovering he might have some issues like memory loss, confusion, frustration because he's not "himself" and he has no control over how he's thinking or feeling. he might feel angry or depressed from time to time. The best you can do is just be patient and love him. help him when it's obvious that he needs it but don't crowd him. He will need to know that you still think of him as dad and not "that sick guy". If he does have memory loss you can help him...but help HIM to remember rather than just telling him the answer! It's going to be a slow process - if you have any questions that I can answer I 'm here...bug me whenever you want.

I should have said - I had a brain haemorrhage years ago that I was lucky to survive...I know all about how long it takes to recover and how frustrating it is...but every brain is different and the kind of injury makes all the difference. I wish you and your family the best xxxx


Hi thank you for your reply he had bruising and a bleed


Hi Lesley,

Hang on in there and remember you are not alone. The Headway community is an extremely supportive network and one that both you and your family will benefit from in many ways.

Thinking of you and your family and sending over lots of positive thoughts.

Take care


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