My dad

Just had a little bit of good news from the hospital dad opened is eyes this morning after being in the coma for a week.

This is what everyone wanted him to do for so long may seem a little thing but it's a big thing for all the family.

We all know that there is a long road ahead, I feel it's like reading a book and only having the first chapter written which is what's happening now and the next chapter only gets written when this one has ended and we can't look at the end of the book because it's not there yet, this book is what we make it.

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  • The book really is what you make it Lesley. Why not keep a diary of your dad's progress, starting today, so you can tell him those small details which he won't remember for himself.

    I wish someone had done that for me ; I still ask about stuff like 'when did I first eat' but no one can remember such details because they were preoccupied with my survival.

    My first month in hospital is a complete blank, and I'd love to be able to get a feel for that lost time but it's gone forever. Even 'No change' would be better than nothing.

    I'm so happy for you ; this is just the beginning of the first chapter in the story of your dads recovery.

    Please keep the updates coming.

    Best wishes to you all, Cat xx

  • What a great idea Cat. I kept a diary while hubby was in hospital but stopped once he came home. Wish I had carried on and noted all the steps forward.

  • That is a good idea think I will start doing that will be good for us and for dad to read what has happened when he was in hospital.

    Thanks xx

  • Hi Lesley, my sister wrote me a diary, because I couldn't, of each day, her thoughts, my progresses or not, lots of "silly" things too. Then handed it over to me when I could write, what a mess that was at first, to carry it on. Hers was far more comprehensive but it fills in that part of my life I have no recollection of.

    It's be invaluable for me, and helped her too, gave her a purpose when she felt all was bleak. So Cat's idea is brilliant.

    Great to hear your news too

    Love Janet xx

  • that is such good news,and yes plase us updated

  • Hi Lesley, Great news. One day at a time. Kx

  • What great news! You are right it is a long road, but your dad is moving in the right direction. Enjoy this moment after the days of waiting. Hugs. X

  • great news

  • great news

  • Lesley that is really good news and what a wonderfully positive way to approach the future.

    Lovenhugs to you all


  • Hi Lesley,

    Just been reading through this thread and thats fantastic news. Love the diary idea and it will really help you too. God Bless and have a peaceful Sunday. XX N

  • That's great. I really like your idea of the book, cos a lot of us have written new chapters since our BI!

  • That is great. I remember the feeling when my husband after waking up from 12 days coma opened his eyes. Remember this is just the beginning & yes its a long road & there'll be good days & bad days so you'll just need to be patient.

  • That is wonderful news!

    I remember when my son woke up from a coma, he had a tracheostomy and couldn't speak but reached out to me and mouthed 'mum' I'll remember that for ever!

    It's not a little thing, it's a huge thing that you'll always remember.

    Please keep in touch and let is know how your dad is.

    Love Alice xx

  • Lovely news Lesley. I couldn't bring my self to write a diary of my sons injury until we were two weeks in. Then I wrote those days retrospectively, with the family's help, and then every single day. It became part of my routine. I kept it up for a year, then the entries became weekly and then I just couldn't seem to find the time! But I revisit the diary ever few months now and update it. I also took lots of pictures to illustrate the diary entries. I am ALWAYS amazed to see that we are still making progress (we are nearly two years in now). I know when my son opened his eyes for the first time, squeezed my hand, took his first steps, spoke - and it makes me joyous to read the diary entries. My son also reads it with me now and it is helping him to understand how far he has come. Stay strong, be patient. X

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