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titanium cranioplasty

Hi Everyone, I Just had a Titanium cranioplasty surgery done 4 days ago and I am still in the hospital on antibiotics since the most common complication is infection...but until now everything seems normal, no pain at all.

My question is how long should I wait until I know everything went perfect and no infection will occur in the future? I am so worried your answers will help me a lot!

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Good morning, hope you are out of hospital and home soon.

My husband had his cranioplasty in July of 2013, after his ruptured aneurysm, SAH and stroke in October 2012. His was partly his own skull bone replaced, but with some titanium plate too.

I don't think he was in hospital for very long at all (struggling to remember, so much has happened since!) and had absolutely no after effects at all. The scars healed up nicely and have faded a lot now. The only thing he has is a bit of a bump and a dent on one side of his face / head which is apparently fluid, but has never caused him any problems.

I hope that helps a little, and am sending very good wishes to you for your future.

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I'm glad they're giving you antibiotics and you're ok. My mum wasn't that lucky and she picked up an infection and a clot which caused more damage to her already damaged brain, they had to remove the plate, she now can't talk. I'm still pretty angry at the neuro surgeon who performed the crainoplasty as we didn't get a meeting with him until 6weeks after it happened and even then he failed to tell us that she'd picked up an infection just seemed very blasé about the whole situation.

If you're ok 4days after the operation I think you should be ok but obviously I'm not a doctor. Good luck with everything!

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I think when I had my operation I was in hospital for a week,

I remember being on tablet and to biotics for a few weeks after I was sent home.

The main issue I had was that my local nurse at my doctors took my stitches out to early and the plate appeared through my skin(gross I know)

So because of that I had to have an emergency operation to clean the wound to make sure it did not get infected I was in hospital then for another day sent home but absolutely fine nothing since that



Hi hunny is the infection in your wound or on the plate xxxxxxx


Every hospital is different it depends my bf got no anti biotics n was sent home I think they have to keep you in because of the anti biotics as they are quite strong don't feel scared the longer your in hospital the less you have to worry when you get home my bf was out in two days but we've been back to the gp like everyday since then xxxxxx



Hi Karyvan you might find this link useful ?? Best wishes, Cat x



Well done you! i couldnt write for a couple of weeks after my cranioplasty, how things have improved.

Well we are all different, glad that you have been given antibiotics to be on the safe side. Wishing you improved health and many good days to come.Nan x


It all depends my hubby was fine until three weeks later! They have found the source of infection now though,a small hole just above his nose! They are going to fill hole and then re-do plate.So glad to hear so far you are ok.We have sugested to my hubby that we fill hole with glue but he wasnot up for that! LOL


I had my titanium plate put in 2014 and was told there will always be a risk of infection but the longer it's in the lower the risk. I was worried to begin with but don't think about it now.

I was out of hospital after 4 days and had staples out 14 days later and went camping a week after that, lol. I don't think about the plate at all any more.

Wishing you a speedy recovery xx


I think they told me the timeline was about two weeks. After two weeks there is basically almost a zero percent change of infection. This is an old post so, I hope everything did go well!


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