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Cranioplasty recovery

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Hello. Just wondering if anyone has witnessed or experienced a decline in cognitive function after cranioplasty? To cut a long story short my mother in law was hit by a car 12 months ago and is unable to do anything for herself.. speak, walk, eat etc. She had a titanium plate fitted 3 weeks ago but this seems to have made her worse. She no longer attempts to speak and cannot hold up her head and constantly sleeps. We have been assured that there have been no complications with the surgery other than a chest infection which has now gone. She is being monitored very well in a nursing home

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possibly the combination of surgery and recovery from that plus a chest infection? will have knocked her back, even a "high functioning" bod like myself would take quite a while to recover from that combo.

Thanks for the reply. We hope that is what it is.

If she is still poorly,do ask for a blood test to rule out infection,from the plate. hope she gets well soon x

I didnt think about that. We will ask, thanks

My recovery from a crainioplasty in December, 2016 has been steep. I feel poorly most days, although not with as serious symptoms. I think it's going to be a while before you can judge what direction her recovery will go.

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Thanks for your reply. We were quite shocked by how ill she became and the slow recovery however looks like she is making some improvements. All the swelling has gone and she seems a bit more alert now. Hope things improve for you.

I had a titanium plate fitted on the 12th April this year and ive had nothing but bleeding.... It does make me really worry and the hospital have done a blood test but no news is good news 😖😖. Hope your mum is ok now?

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