We have been waiting for weeks now for a call or letter to give Steve a date for his Cranioplasty. This morning the call came, and now I am worrying myself sick about it all. He is so scared. When he had his 7 hours of brain surgery in October, of course he knew nothing about it, but this time the thought of what has to be done is so scary.

I know I shouldn't look at things on the internet, but of course I did, and I realise that there are lots of possible after effects, and now I am worrying that he will be worse after the surgery than he is now.

Has anyone had experience of this operation?

We know he has to have it, we know it will make him feel safer and less vulnerable, and also make him look more like his old self hopefully, but as with any major surgery it is such a worry.

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  • My son is 11, he had 2 pieces of his skull replaced in April. The operation went very well, and took 2 hours. The surgeon was very happy how it went and has now been discharged. We had a small collection of fluid as a set back, but that soon disappeared. All was going well until this week when we have noticed to small swollen areas above his ears, so we going to be seen tomorrow by the surgeons, hopefully nothing to worry about. Jack certainly isn't worse after his operation, and looking on the internet we all do, and regret sometimes.

    Hope all goes well with the operation

  • Hi there I know how scary this is, my husband has had two as the first one didn't fit very well ( not to scare you) but to reassure you he has had two and thank goodness he is fine his last one was June last year good luck and positive vibes x

  • Thank you both so much for your reassuring messages. Since I posted that, we have now had a telephone call this morning, and he is going in either later today, or early tomorrow morning, for surgery tomorrow. So at least we don't have to wait and worry.

  • I don't have any experience, but would just like to say I'll chuck some positive vibes into the pot for tomorrow x

  • Good luck for tomorrow. xx

  • Thank you so much. It is such a help to know you care! x

  • Hi all, I had a left hand side cranioplasty in October 2012 it was a huge success, I like yourself was a little apprehensive about how it would be done and how I would feel etc but I can honestly say the hospital staff were amazing and now I feel like I have a full and complete skull back. I suffer no issues with pain of any kind, and my head now looks back in the correct shape. The only thing that I suffered with following the op was a very itchy scar area (as I had 72 stitches in my head) when they were ready for being removed (4weeks post surgery) the itching was driving me up the wall. Other than this, a very successful and pain free operation with no lasting effects.

    I wish you well, very best of luck! x

  • Thank you markv3553, that's really encouraging news, and glad to hear all is well for you too! x

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