Go for marks pre op to preston next Wednesday and hopefully he gets op on 10th December. Only if an emergency comes in will it be cancelled.

If that happens his definite date is xmas eve. I asked if there was any chance of different date so we'll take the chance of getting 10th. Living in cumbria it's a trek but will be well worth it

I'm abit scared for him but im sure he'll be fine.

He's had a seizure too 7th Nov. No more since but neurologist wants him to go on medication. All in all we're milling along and fingers crossed christmas will be the best ever 😊

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  • Great to have the cranioplasty out of the way before Christmas, although I suspect it might need to be a quieter festive season for you all this year.

    I hope that the 10th Dec. will be available, in which case we're talking only a couple of weeks aren't we ! It's always an anxious time before an op. so I do feel for you both Debbie. But this is a well practised procedure so I hope all will be straightforward and as stress-free as possible.

    Naturally we'll be awaiting your further updates. All best wishes, Cat x

  • Wishing you good luck. My husband, Steve, had his Cranioplasty 2 and a half years or so ago, and it was very straightforward, and caused no problems. So hopefully your Mark will be the same. It is very close to Christmas, but as Cat says, it will be good to get it over and done with.

    Best wishes, Molly x

  • It will be great to have it over with by Christmas so you can both relax and start getting on with the next phase of your lives. Had mine done in 2012 and it was straight forward and I am sure all will go well with Mark's too - I was even cleared to fly home long haul 7 months later! Of course it is a very anxious time for you both but it really is great when it's over and no more need for that 'old helmet'. As Cat said we look forward to your updates soon! xx

  • i too hope all goes well,my hubby is on the list for his.please keep updated,xxx

  • Wishing you good luck. My wife Yvonne had her Cranioplasty in September at Preston, the staff looked after her very well and she was discharged two days later. (unfortunately to a care home and not home with us) After 8 1/2 months in hospital it was a relief to get away from the place.

    Hope all goes well and you get the date you want.

  • I had a cranioplasty 3 weeks ago, following a TBI falling backwards down a flight of stairs, back in June. Our situations obviously very different, but I am so pleased I went ahead with the op. I feel better than before I had the op, not sure how many this applies to, the dizziness/lightheadedness disappeared overnight, I was discharged 2 days later, and am now gradually picking up on my interests pre June which has had a knock on effect and definitely improved my mood. Still feel brain fatigued 'though, and hoping with time this will improve. Wishing your husband all the best with his cranioplasty and recovery.

  • Hi, I just wanted to say good luck for the cranioplasty. My son had his nearly 3 weeks ago. I didn't want to post before now as it was such early days but it all has seemed to go well. I can completely empathise with how anxious you must feel, but he was only in hospital for 3 days and already says he feels better for having the plate in. He has some residual swelling to the side of his head but the wound has healed well. These things are always so scary particularly as they bring back horrible memories of previous hospital experiences and I was so fearful before but am so relieved it's out of the way. I'm sure things will go great and I just wanted to wish you both all the best. X

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