Titanium cranioplasty

Hi guys!

I have had a titanium cranioplasty surgery done after decompressive craniectomy about a month ago now,everything went well and im happy with the results but I recently started having these headaches/migraines pain from the back of my head pulling to the forehead...very very painful! especialy when I sneeze,bend,laugh...I thought it would go away but it still there everyday from about 2 hrs after I wake up...plz heeelp!

Has anyone had these or heard of these? Is it an infection?is it going to stay like this for ever? did the cranioplasty fail? ...Of course im going to see my doctor tomorrow but im still afraid if the worse!!!

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  • I hope not, I'm going for a cranioplasty this morning.

  • Think its normal sue her hurts! Your body needs timebtobrecover as long as your not oozing it should be fine!

    Arw you on antibiotics? X

  • Hi

    I had a titanium fitted in April 2014 after a TBI in the January. I got out of hospital the next day and it's been pretty bog standard since. Only issue I had was an infection in the June that got me back to hospital for a further 3 weeks. Please to say I've never suffered headaches, I never think backwards and ignore my titanium until I get to an airport that is. Hope you can identify what's causing your headaches and rectify it for Christmas. Cheers

  • After the cranioplasty did you feel better?

  • After nearly 4 mths with an unprotected half of my brain, I was pleased to have it fitted. It didn't make me feel any different just made me more bomb proof. Only PITA was when I got that infection a couple of mths later. As of nowadays, I never really think about it. Hope things are improving for you. Cheers

  • How long have you had your titanium cranioplasty DTBI?

  • Yes, I felt safer rather than better, until I got an infection a couple of months later. That got me in hospital for a further 3 weeks.

  • Get checked out as soon as you can, my hubby has had one fail.Fail doesnot mean never though, you can get it re-done .

  • If you're having problems go and see your GP or if it's possible give your specialists secretary or clinical nurse specialist a call just to put your mind at rest. Don't just leave it. A cranioplasty is a big operation. They're effectively replacing the piece of skull they took out to decompress your head. Best to get checked out to see if the original issues are not returning.

  • I'm getting the some aches after mine plus some swelling every morning!!trying to talk to the surgeon but Royal London hospital so bad at admin I've not got through to anyone helpful and of course Nobody EVER CALLS BACK!!

  • Hi, I had a crainoplasty in Nov 2015 following a MVD in March 2015, where the bone flap didn't heal and ended up being removed. I had the titanium mesh for over a year but the last few months it was causing me great discomfort, I could feel tightness around my screws and any pressure caused pain. Neurologist tried me on amitriptyline which helped a little but still experienced pain and was signed off work. Two days ago I had surgery to remove the plate and just have a hole. I'm hoping this was a wise choice, in some pain from the op, no signs of infection or swelling. Has anyone else had there's removed and nothing put in its place?


  • It's normal for some to have headaches etc. I had a little bit after mine as well, but they went away - it's been two years now. Give it a little more time and see what happens.

  • Tou have had surgery on your head you will still be recovering hopefully your doctor can re assure you

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