a very interesting topic in all the news today side effects of statins my symptoms which i attribute to statins are constant muscle pain in my affected side left arm and hand mainly so i have decided to stop takng them for a while an see if i have any relief my cholesterol was an has always been normal, when i mentioned the pain to my doctor he said you will always have that ,something i am not willing to accept , does anyone else have any views on this topic

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  • There was a recent report on statins that suggested that there may be more considerable side effects than previously thought and this raised concerns for those taking statins as a preventative measure...but the news I have seen today is reported as coming from the result of further extensive study which has shown that only a very small percentage of people experience any side effects at all from taking statins and concludes that the benefits far outweigh any minor risks.

    When you say you experience pain in your "affected side" this affected by a stroke or injury? I know that some people do experience enduring pain but rather than just saying that you will always have the pain, perhaps your doctor could refer you to a pain management clinic?

  • thanks for the reply but ive been ther done that got the teeshirt all they did was bback the doctor and agreing the medication iwas o was suitable. i am on gabapentin and they have quadrupled my dose yet still no pain relies it just makes me groggy and clumsy

  • I am sorry your experience of the pain clinic was not good. I guess I was lucky as I had a really good experience... they asked me lots of questions about daily function and pain levels , about what I hoped to achieve and they discussed a wide range of options including assorted meds and other therapies that can be used alongside. I need to be able to function so meds that make me drowsy are not an option for everyday use for sure. I found them to be pleasant and open about options. and I came away with a plan which was reviewed in clinic at regular intervals and adjusted as necessary... I found it very positive and that was why I suggested the pain clinic.

  • Statins are bad for your health!

    In fact, most medication is bad for your health really. I don't touch modern medication. I don't go to the doctors no more.

    There is lots of other information to look for. Independent media, why does this sort of information not appear on the news on tv, mainstream media? Because "they" don't want the masses to know about it.

    Don't take my word for it though cos I'm no good at explaining all this but look on the internet for information: "The peoples' chemist", a man who used to work for the big pharmaceutical companies but then decided to quit when he found out that all these pharmacies do is want money and their drugs are useless.

    Doctors tell you about lowering your cholesterol. That is a massive lie. You shouldn't lower your cholesterol, you'll do further damage to your body that way. Lowering your cholesterol quickens the aging process.

    My auntie takes statins and I and my mum really don't want her to but she, like most other people, won't listen to us. Nah, she would rather follow the rest of the herd and believe what doctors tell you

    Might sound crazy but we live in a heavily corrupt world.

    Take care,


  • Hello.

    I worked with two people who had bad experiences with statins. One girl, who was diabetic, was having constant back pain and muscle spasms. Her cholesterol levels were below 2, she was prescribed the medication simply because of her diabetes. After loads of tests and referrals to different consultants, including a heart specialist, the statins were stopped and within a couple of months most of her unwanted symptoms vanished. She now says she feels better than she has for years and her levels are still below the 5 recommended by her g.p.

    The other person's husband was on statins, also because of diabetes, and his were stopped because they were lowering his liver function. He had been feeling unwell for months.

    Although there is talk of everyone over 60 being prescribed this drug, personally I would never take them, diet and exercise is a far better way to regulate cholesterol, our own bodies make most of what is in our blood anyway.

    Try keeping a diary of your pain levels and see if you improve, I'm sure your doctor will be only too pleased to renew your prescription if you don't.